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      27 May

    Blood God is actually a good variation. Fun too!

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Results for Mortal Kombat X @Combo Breaker 2015

May 24 2015 10:53 PM | Rampage254 in MKU News

All of the matches were hype, so make sure to check out the archive. Also, personal props to @RedRaptor10 you were the real MVP at the tourney. 1) GGA Dizzy (Raiden) 2) cr. Sonic Fox (Erron Black, Ermac) 3) CORN Alucard (Kotal Kahn) 4) Yomi | Forever...

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RM honeybee Wins MKX at Toryuken 4!

May 17 2015 06:56 PM | Senpai in MKU News

After fighting his way through some very tough opponents (such as Reo,Jwong,Jer,pimpimjim, empr death & many more) Honeybee was able to come out victorious with D'vorah at the 4th Touruken tournament. the grand finals ended up being a D'vorah m...

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King of Klans 2015

May 16 2015 09:42 PM | EMPEROR_WC in MKU News

It has begun! Time to get this show on the road. King of Klans will be next gen only (X Box One // PS4) sorry PC players.. The matches will be streamed and broadcasted on MKU, if you don't have a stream one can be provided. 10 v 10 Rosters will b...

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Toryuken 4 MKX Top 8

May 16 2015 08:24 PM | DarkTrax in MKU News

Toryuken Mortal Kombat X Top 8 Schedule: 1600hrs EST Sunday May 17th Winners Bracket EMPR|Death vs GGA Jeremiah RM|HoneyBee vs MTL|Jer Losers Bracket Gunshow vs R.E.O EG|Justin Wong vs GGA|Pimpimjim Here are some shots from the event View attachme...

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New Klassic Skins/Skins to be coming out with T...

May 14 2015 05:17 PM | RL Komatose in MKU News

Thanks to @Rampage254 for the find and the Klassic Ninja Reptile skin is already out with the recent patch.

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MKX patch notes

May 14 2015 02:58 PM | RYX in MKU News

tweeted out by NRS General Gameplay fixesMany movelist frame data corrections.Corrected many normal attacks that were intended to be 0 or negative on block were being overridden to be +2Hitting Front Punch + Back Punch + Front Kick at the same time at...

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Revolution Kano and Motherland Sonya Skin

May 11 2015 09:23 PM | EMPEROR_SHOCKZ in MKU News

I like this look on Kano but what's with NRS and Soviet themed skins? Nevertheless I can't wait to see the Carl Weathers skin for Jax if they release it.

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ESL MKX Pro League - Week 1 Fights

May 08 2015 11:45 AM | DarkTrax in MKU News

Quarter Finals Dink vs TrunkBread22 Pig of the Hut vs KillStreak Perfect Legend vs REO Sonic vs Bugman Semis Pig Of the Hut vs REO Grand Finals - Reo vs Sonic

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MKX Jason Trailer

May 04 2015 08:14 AM | AkTiVe in MKU News

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Kitana Infinite (mournful)

Apr 28 2015 10:10 PM | GI_VICIOUS_GOON in MKU News

From the publisher: In Mournful Variation Kitana's Glaive is -3 on block and +11 on hit. JiP starts up in 4 frames. Infinite loop notations: Any string into DF1 [JiP, any string into DF1] xN On larger characters Kitana receives another infinite us...

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Broken tech - Spectral Ermac - The MKX Meter Ma...

Apr 21 2015 10:36 AM | k-frog in MKU News

Bow down to Ermac, slaves. He is your MKX GOD. #staysalty

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