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Absolute Battle 6 results for Mortal Kombat X a...

Sep 27 2015 06:38 PM | GI_SUPERIOR_GOON in MKU News

Top 16 for Mkx 1. UA|Scar (Sonya Blade - Covert Ops, Demolition) 2. F3|Alucard (Tremor - Crystalline | more) 3. SunB|KoreyTheDragon (Quan Chi - Summoner | more) 4. UA|Showtime (Sonya - Covert Ops | more) 5. oD|Atai (Kitana - Royal Storm, Mournful) 5. P...

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TFC Mortal Kombat Results

Sep 13 2015 09:36 PM | GI_SUPERIOR_GOON in MKU News

Mortal Kombat X — Results 1. YOMI|Forever King (Predator - Hish-Qu-Ten, Goro - Kuatan Warrior, Others) 2. YOMI|DJT (Tremor - Aftershock, Kung Lao - Tempest, Sub-Zero - Grandmaster) 3. YOMI|Slayer (Kung Jin - Shaolin, Kung Lao - Tempest) 4. cR|SonicFox...

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Sep 09 2015 12:41 PM | THE EMPEROR in MKU News

(the emperor makes a announcement) EMPERORS I WILL PREPARE A SPEECH FOR ALL OF MKU.. ITS TIME TO START DEMANDING AND BREAKING RULES!!!!!! ( emperor dark says to the emperor that the portal to mku is ready for your arrival . Emperor speaks very well...

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Team KGA Presents: "GET BODIED!" Lo...

Sep 07 2015 06:12 PM | Sapphire in MKU News

Starting at 3P.M. casuals/setups doors be opening, 6:30 all tourney start times, except UMVC3 UMVC3 starts closer to 8 because it goes faster $2 venue fee $2 venue fee $2 venue fee $2 venue fee ****PLEASE ADHERE TO THE RULES OF THE VENUE, THERE MUST...

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9/1/15 Hot Fix

Sep 02 2015 06:58 PM | GI_SUPERIOR_GOON in MKU News

Dash Cancels from charge moves will come out if the block button is being held still or pressed too early Cassie – slightly increased damage scaling on Getaway Flip & Power Flip **this change is not active yet Kano (CutThroat) – Slightly decrea...

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8/31/15 MKX Patch Notes

Aug 31 2015 08:56 PM | GI_SUPERIOR_GOON in MKU News

General Gameplay fixes Many move list correctionsRemoved the ability to add extra inputs while doing a normal attack 2in1 cancel which allowed some characters to have the special move cancel only occur on hit / blockRemoved the ability to have some spe...

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Quan Chi: Broken Spell Tech's

Aug 26 2015 10:38 PM | Dizz 88 in MKU News

This might be pretty hard to believe, but some broken stuff has been discovered in MKX. Quan Chi the master scrub sorcerer can cast multiple spells, triggering a glitch and tricking the game. He definately needs this shit, hopefully NRS buffs him more...

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Drug Testing in E-Sports

Jul 24 2015 12:34 AM | Dizz 88 in MKU News

No more smoking crack before your tournaments! :party-smiley-007: Cyber athletes might not juice in quite the same way as a UFC fighter or MLB slugger, but performance-enhancing drugs are becoming a big enough concern that one of the largest pro gamin...

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Tournament Results for EVO 2015

Jul 19 2015 03:49 PM | Dizz 88 in MKU News

Congrats to Sonic Fox for winning MKX! He is lucky I couldn't make it to EVO this year or I would have bodied everybody in my path with my godlike Mileena. :party-smiley-007: I will update results when the tournament is over. Super Smash Bros. Mele...

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Jul 17 2015 01:38 PM | Catnip_Her0 in MKU News

-Stolen from @acekingoffsuit via Twitter and i promoted this wanna fight about it ?

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