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      20 Nov

    The creator of TeamFD is proud to bring TeamAngel exclusively to MKU members..Here @TeamAngel Headquarters we care about the safety, and future of the human race...So sign up an show you support today!!! And we thankyou for you service in "TeamAngel: Department of "Investigations".

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The Master of Kombat: Ed Boon interview with G...

Nov 19 2014 11:28 AM | Friction in MKU News

via Game Informer issue 260, December 2014 page 25 interview by Andrew Reiner AR: What is it about the Mortal Kombat franchise that keeps you coming back? EB: I suppose it's a combination of a number of things. When a game does well, the first thing...

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Extensive Green Lantern Matchup Guide by RM Har...

Nov 17 2014 01:27 AM | RM Hardway in MKU News

Aquaman - The Green Lantern VS Aquaman matchup is a pretty even match, The optimal strategy here is to gain the life lead and lame Aquaman out to come to you. This is a footsies match as jumping on Aquaman can be very dangerous because of his massive D...

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Ruthless Mayhem takes down KHAOTIC 10-8 in Inju...

Nov 09 2014 11:39 PM | AK RM Blake in MKU News

Tonight, RM's Injustice warriors on the Playstation 3 will be deprived of battle no longer. This war with KHAOTIC has been a long time coming, and the ensuing clash did not fail to live up to expectations. Both sides came packed to the brim with talent...

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Alienware Alpha: Is This The Future of Gaming

Nov 09 2014 02:51 PM | DarkTrax in MKU News

As a gamer, I am completely tired of console wars. I bought XBOX ONE on first day of release last year only to realize that they were only an ample of mediocre games to choose from. I had to wait for 5 months after that release date to get my hands on...

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Mortal Kombat X Live Gameplay Stream

Nov 03 2014 04:29 AM | MaceWind in MKU News

This week, Mortal Kombat X developer NetherRealm Studios will be doing a livestream of the upcoming game on the company's Twitch channel to give folks a preview of the game and answer some community questions along the way. The stream will begin at...

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Sick Fights for Extra Life [Nov. 8, Erie PA]

Oct 24 2014 05:14 PM | Friction in MKU News

Hey MKU... my local scene in Erie is hosting an event to raise money for extra-life.org https://www.facebook...20875061324766/ I'm gonna be there with a friend playing MK / IGAU, and I'm looking for some kind, generous folks to donate a flat amount...

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"Please FGC community come together for a s...

Oct 17 2014 01:23 PM | C88_MyGod in MKU News

An amazing person who just left us would be grateful for any donation Thanks. http://www.youcaring...rt-fund-/249312

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Tekken 7 Gameplay

Oct 04 2014 02:33 AM | Walter in MKU News

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MKX Quan Chi Revealed

Oct 02 2014 08:35 AM | T33-Kahn in MKU News

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CONGRATULATIONS! EMPERORS decisively defeat...

Sep 22 2014 11:23 AM | EMPEROR_LIMBODAWG in MKU News

In a surprisingly short but quite stacked war between the unrivaled King of Klans The EMPERORS and the unworthy challengers RM, not to anyone's surprise The EMPERORS come out victorious after successfully feasting on RM in a 10 vs 10 war with 5 EMPERO...

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Goro Confirmed

Sep 05 2014 08:16 AM | T33-Kahn in MKU News

"Crush the Kompetition! Pre-order Mortal Kombat X to fight as Goro! Available 4.14.15"

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