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      29 Aug

    FT5 HYPE IMMORTAL APH vs KHAOTIC VAXOS Twitch.tv/catnip_her0 GET HYPE !!!!

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NRS Launches Kollective: Submit Your Artwork

Aug 28 2014 09:18 PM | DarkTrax in MKU News

NRS has launched a site specifically for MK fans to get their creative hats on and show off their MK inspired artwork. We are talking all forms of art - video, audit, animated gif and still artwork. This will give all MK fans the opportunity to submit...

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Aug 11 2014 12:18 PM | Twerkeisha in MKU News

http://www.eurogamer...railer-gameplay He looks amazing, discuss.

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Ed Boon explains Raiden

Aug 05 2014 03:50 PM | KoolJulios14 in MKU News

A new version of the Raiden announcement trailer for Mortal Kombat X has been released, featuring series creator Ed Boon walking us through the various different stances the defender of Earthrealm will have access to. In his Thunder God variation,...

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Forever Czar wins MK9 @SNF9 in Erie PA!...

Aug 02 2014 10:01 PM | RM_xFriction in MKU News

Results for SNF9 in Erie PA

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$5m Cash Prize Tournament

Jul 21 2014 05:59 PM | DarkTrax in MKU News

Yes, I know! $5m! INSANE!! Gamers are competing in Dota2 Championships to win five million dollars. The competition is taking place in Seattle. Dota2 (Defence of the ancients) which was developed by Valve is an action and strategy game which has milli...

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Results for EVO Championship Series 2014

Jul 13 2014 12:17 AM | Dizz 88 in MKU News

I'll update the complete results tomorrow, when everything is finished. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 — Top 16 Winners bracket RG|Flocker (Zero, Vergil, Hawkeye) vs. EG|Justin Wong (Wolverine, Storm, Akuma) Jan (Hulk, Shuma-Gorath, Haggar) vs. MRN|...

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Mortal Kombat X Raiden Trailer Revealed

Jul 12 2014 03:53 PM | Rampage254 in MKU News

As planned, NRS today revealed another MKX character - RAIDEN!! Enjoy!

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EVO 2014 - Injustice TOP 8!

Jul 11 2014 08:06 PM | ESP_-xMiley_Mike in MKU News

Sad to say that there wasn't really any footage for Injustice @EVO 2014 :( supposedly the most hype Injustice tournament ever. But here are the top 8 for EVO 2014: Winner's Bracket RG SonicFox (Batgirl) GGA Pimpimjim (Hawkgirl, misc.) AK Pig of the H...

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EVO 2014 Stream Schedule

Jul 07 2014 01:48 PM | Rampage254 in MKU News

Lol Injustice couldn't make it in with the big boys on the Sunday slot.

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# Of Entrants At EVO 2014 & Pot Prizes

Jul 01 2014 10:45 AM | ESP_-xMiley_Mike in MKU News

Ultra Street Fighter 4 - 1979 Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 - 1014 Super Smash Brothers Melee - 970 Blaz Blue CP - 508 Killer Instinct - 338 King Of Fighters 13 - 319 INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us - 311 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - 257 Total prize pool for: U...

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