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  3. odio el puto MK11, juego basura

  4. just here too remind all yall that yall suck 😁 except my G dark
  5. Yeah i commented on our old forum ... look alive putos
  6. last logged on 2012 ... cant believe this is till around lol

  7. Is there a thread post I can read that explains what happened to this site for so long and how it happens to be back?  I was just going through old bookmarks and was shocked this site exists again

  8. This is old but I have to post my thoughts on this soon. Good recommendation. I agree with most of them.
  9. so i said, let me see if MKU working, i got nothing to do. forgot my info so made a new account.. WHAT UP
  10. I’ll try to log in some game time when my work schedule clears up. Lookout for llKomatose on PSN
  11. Jus want to sharpen my skills jus add me GoldMouth _X Vs. ?-
  12. Was up im GoldMouth been playing all my lfe going to critique my skillz trying to become a champ.
  13. MKX or MK11? Either way I suggest small standing speakers upfront. Wouldn’t even consider shelf speakers. Waste of time. Standing speakers will give you the best sound output and can be placed anywhere, guest room, small room game room, living room, I would just go with standing speakers. Even if your room isn’t that big. All it should take is a little rearranging for them to fit perfectly fine unless your room is cluttered with crap lol
  14. Hello everyone I've setup a huge lan party with projector screens for a great multiplayer experience of MK X with my buddies. I was wondering for audio which theme should I go for? Bookshelf or floor standing, after looking at these suggestions from appuals, I feel like bookshelf might be good as my room is not that big, I just need crisp clear loud audio don't need bass woofers etc. Thanks in advance!
  15. Rayne from blood rayne as a female guest character
  16. Wanna share what I'D like the game to get. 1: All whiffing/hitbox/low profiling issues fixed/removed. 2: All S1's and D1's are 7f's, all D1's are +10 on hit. 3: All U3's are 6F and do 12% and are universally +15 on hit, -10 on block 4: All U2's are 9F and do 10% and are universally -15 on block 5: Throw damage reduced to 120 6: Throw range reduced to point blank 7: One variation added per character 8: Jumping startup is increased 9: Wakeup invincibility is removed 10: All non-combo starting KB's are normalized to do 21 to 29% damage. 11: Only one breakaway per round This game would be perfect if all this happened IMO.
  17. Winners bracket FOX|SonicFox (Cassie Cage) Losers bracket BC|Dragon (Cetrion) NASR|TekkenMaster (Geras, Erron Black, Kung Lao, Sonya) 4. UYU|Deoxys (Geras) 5. PxP|A Foxy Grampa (Shang Tsung, Kung Lao, Cassie Cage) 5. PG|Tweedy (Jacqui, Baraka, Geras) 7. PG|Hayatei (Erron Black) 7. Noble|Semiij (Cassie Cage, Jacqui) 9. UYU|Rewind 9. UYU|ZackRob (Geras) 9. RCG|BigD (Cetrion) 9. END|Scar (Sonya) 13. BeyondToxin 13. DJT 13. Clprimetime (Kabal) 13. DizzyTT (Sonya) Source: Eventhubs.com
  18. This site needs more activity or it's gonna fade away again. 🙁


    1. Ermac92


      i agree, but how do we drum up activity?



      I've been popping up here and there, but there doesn't seem to be much excitement around MK11.

  19. Good shit Nation, you're Kitana is op. I never did pick her myself. I tried the Mileena variation, but didn't like it.
  20. you leave us forever, ya bum?

  21. https://smash.gg/tournament/warriors-of-outworld/details EMPEROR TOURNAMENT
  22. Made a Kitana Guide covering about everything about the character, including how to play her, strategies, and combos in most situations. This guide is specifically for Fan-Fare but Highborn users may still take away something from the video. Wanted to potentially help any body struggling with the character, anyone wanting to pick her up, or possibly give some new insight to the experienced Kitana's. The combo section is a bit longer than expected, but shows damage differences when using alternate strings, and ending the combo differently. I'll be making mu-specific videos for her in the future. Anyways, hope you enjoy! @Dizz 88 😉
  23. Kombo Attacks Soul Stain , Dark Arts: , , Bad Omen: , ,
  24. Shang Tsung Basic Attacks Spear Jab: Thigh Tear: + Serpent Stab: + Tiger Fist Crush: Spiritual Eruption: + Skull Collapse: + Soaring Fist: + Sternum Breaker: Deception Sweep: + Rushing Spike: + Ankle Snap: + Throat Kick: Dragon's Claw Gouge: + Rising Chest Kick: + Stance Breaker: + Jumping Attacks Raining Spear: Crushing Palm: Hawk Kick: or Hop Attacks Soul Barrier: , or , Hop Spike: , or , Getup Attacks Cinder Swipe: + Ash Flare: + Flawless Block Attacks Cinder Swipe: + Ash Flare: + Throws: Toward Throw: + or ++ Back Throw: or + Roll Escapes Forward Roll Escape: + Away Roll Escape: + Air Escape Air Breakaway: +
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