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  2. Wanna share what I'D like the game to get. 1: All whiffing/hitbox/low profiling issues fixed/removed. 2: All S1's and D1's are 7f's, all D1's are +10 on hit. 3: All U3's are 6F and do 12% and are universally +15 on hit, -10 on block 4: All U2's are 9F and do 10% and are universally -15 on block 5: Throw damage reduced to 120 6: Throw range reduced to point blank 7: One variation added per character 8: Jumping startup is increased 9: Wakeup invincibility is removed 10: All non-combo starting KB's are normalized to do 21 to 29% damage. 11: Only one breakaway per round This game would be perfect if all this happened IMO.
  3. Winners bracket FOX|SonicFox (Cassie Cage) Losers bracket BC|Dragon (Cetrion) NASR|TekkenMaster (Geras, Erron Black, Kung Lao, Sonya) 4. UYU|Deoxys (Geras) 5. PxP|A Foxy Grampa (Shang Tsung, Kung Lao, Cassie Cage) 5. PG|Tweedy (Jacqui, Baraka, Geras) 7. PG|Hayatei (Erron Black) 7. Noble|Semiij (Cassie Cage, Jacqui) 9. UYU|Rewind 9. UYU|ZackRob (Geras) 9. RCG|BigD (Cetrion) 9. END|Scar (Sonya) 13. BeyondToxin 13. DJT 13. Clprimetime (Kabal) 13. DizzyTT (Sonya) Source: Eventhubs.com
  4. This site needs more activity or it's gonna fade away again. 🙁


    1. Ermac92


      i agree, but how do we drum up activity?

  5. Good shit Nation, you're Kitana is op. I never did pick her myself. I tried the Mileena variation, but didn't like it.
  6. you leave us forever, ya bum?

  7. https://smash.gg/tournament/warriors-of-outworld/details EMPEROR TOURNAMENT
  8. Made a Kitana Guide covering about everything about the character, including how to play her, strategies, and combos in most situations. This guide is specifically for Fan-Fare but Highborn users may still take away something from the video. Wanted to potentially help any body struggling with the character, anyone wanting to pick her up, or possibly give some new insight to the experienced Kitana's. The combo section is a bit longer than expected, but shows damage differences when using alternate strings, and ending the combo differently. I'll be making mu-specific videos for her in the future. Anyways, hope you enjoy! @Dizz 88 😉
  9. Kombo Attacks Soul Stain , Dark Arts: , , Bad Omen: , ,
  10. Shang Tsung Basic Attacks Spear Jab: Thigh Tear: + Serpent Stab: + Tiger Fist Crush: Spiritual Eruption: + Skull Collapse: + Soaring Fist: + Sternum Breaker: Deception Sweep: + Rushing Spike: + Ankle Snap: + Throat Kick: Dragon's Claw Gouge: + Rising Chest Kick: + Stance Breaker: + Jumping Attacks Raining Spear: Crushing Palm: Hawk Kick: or Hop Attacks Soul Barrier: , or , Hop Spike: , or , Getup Attacks Cinder Swipe: + Ash Flare: + Flawless Block Attacks Cinder Swipe: + Ash Flare: + Throws: Toward Throw: + or ++ Back Throw: or + Roll Escapes Forward Roll Escape: + Away Roll Escape: + Air Escape Air Breakaway: +
  11. I went  through "Rage" in MKvs DC,  a net and a dream in MK9, mix city in MKX,  but i can´t stand fucking fatal blows, stupid ass game!!!!!

  12. GhosT

    Kollector mains

    My guy we can talk kollector all day man whatcha say. First of all fuck the haters. Second of all your doing God's work right now. He isnt as bad as people think. People dont want to work hard though. War quoit aka chakram is too good for komp. If they added it he would almost eventually get it nerfed anyway. But he does need some buffs. Do you main his zone or grapple variation ? I would discuss tech and setups with you but I'm too lazy to type. Xbox or ps4?
  13. #Raptors

    1. Gerchap


      Hopefully they take it tonight. I don’t even know why they didn’t take it on Monday because taking the lead in the final 5 minutes and being at home should’ve been a big factor. I hate the Warriors 

  14. He looks amazing. Can’t wait to see him in action. Spawn will be cool to see as well.
  15. He looks cool af, however I am more excited about Sindel and Spawn. And I wish they would add Khamelon. Which is the female one. I am hype for the klassic skins. But yeah, he looks dope. FB was just a tad underwhelming. It was cool but expected more. And his fatality was AMAZING. At least the one they showed. I can tell just from this that he will be a strong character lol. Excited to see what people do with him. I might play with him because his attitude is so savage in this game. Not humble at all lol Just talking trash and I love his gauntlets. They fit him. Evil and precise looking. Love the young version.
  16. This site became dead again...what's going on

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    2. Gerchap


      The old school gamers aren’t that active most of us have more responsibilities than 10 years ago. Time goes by fast :( 

    3. Dizz 88

      Dizz 88

      Chap has a good point. More people need to contribute, it would also help if you can find mku on a google search. 



      Because this game doesn't have great competitive appeal. I like the game, but fatal blows give too much security to bad players.

  17. This is a custom variation. A variation I think should be made for tournament play! Lol #buff Kollector!
  18. It would be great to get a good MK movie again. It's been a while. I still love the first movie of loud "MOORTAL KOMBAT" and the music. I can't say that I like the idea that James Wan is directing this. I saw Aquaman for the first time the other day without volume (don't ask), and I have to say that it felt like it was a crap shoot.
  19. xTICERx

    Kollector mains

  20. xTICERx

    Kollector mains

  21. So I wanted to take a minute to discuss Kollector. What does kollector need? He is obviously lacking. He wouldn't be so bad if hit string could be canceled into bola. Only a couple strings work. 1,3 F4 And f1,2 but even that sometimes whiffs depending on distance. In my opinion kollector is on the bottom of the list right now. Which might explain why we did not see him picked at combo breaker. Here's my ideas for low tier characters. What if they made other tournament variations for characters to be used in competition. Some characters have more tournament variations than others anyway. Kollector with (war quoit toss) (vial of sorrow) and (fade out) makes him a pretty decent character. Gives him more zoning/anti zoning options. Gives him more cancel options. Confirms combos and also gives him a practical KB. Which he needs. I'll be posting a couple videos showing how exactly I use kollector. I rarely play ranked with kollector. But I would definitely play him competitively if he was a better character.
  22. I don't find Erron or Scorpion to be a problem at all.
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