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NFL Discussion & Fantasy Football

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Ok feel free to discuss or rant on all NFL topics and politics here.


We will also use this thread to organize a fantasy football league.


The MKU league will be ran by me. Will be free to play for anyone interested. If you are interested in joining post here and if you have a specific league template you prefer (ESPN CBS etc) let me know and we will try to please the majority.


If you have never played fantasy football don't let it determine if you play or not. It's free after all and very easy to pick up.







Fantasy league members






When we get ten commitment I'll start a pm and we can set the draft date.

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Cardinals stay healthy this year they can be a problem for people...


Also expect O'Dell Beckham Jr to have a big year receiving and proll a couple punt returns too.

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Have the saints done some major changes this offseason?

Yeah. But I don't think the team was improved on. Not enough done to help defense. Even if Jairus and Vacarro stay healthy and have a big year they still lack a solid linebacker who can help run stop. Haven't had one since vilma was still good. Same goes for defensive line.


And they defiantly had to have gotten worse of offense. Brees isn't getting younger. And they traded graham so maybe they make cap room for the future but line graham or not you get.worse when u trade him because of his matchup problems.


So im not expecting a great year. Wouldn't be shocked to miss playoffs. Wouldn't be surprised to get in with a record worse than the wildcard team either. I can see our division being really good OR having a terrible year allowing us to slip in Ala Seahawks 6-10 year lol.


Either way I put our practical.odds to win it all at next to nothing. If we could stop teams from.scoring I would be optistic with our offense they still will score. But we aren't tooled up to drop 40 bombs week in and out like teams of.years past. And I feel like we are gonna need 30 every week to win unless this team has some real talent emerge and step up to lead.


Keeping an eye on LSU running back this year too. I think that guy is going to be what Darren McFadden should have been athe the pro level. He reminds me of Adrian Peterson dude is an animal

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