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[07/23/15] Mortal Mayhem: Tournament Edition III

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We are proud to announce another installment of Mortal Mayhem Tournament Edition. This will be an online PS4 tournament in MKX. The event will be a live streamed @ http://Twitch.tv/ANBU_Fight_Club.

To sign up for the tournament go to http://anbu.challonge.com. The tournament has a 16 player cap so sign up today. There is a waiting list for those who do not sign up early enough so please sign up even if the brackets are full.


Participation requirements:
1. All participants must use the PSN name they will be playing with as their name in the brackets.
2. All participants must be using a wired internet connection.
3. After signing up go to http://www.speedtest.net/, run a speed test on your internet service, and post it in the discussion section for this tournament. All disputes about lag and connections will be decided by speed test results so be sure that yours is listed.
4. All participants should be online 15 minutes prior to the start of the event including those on the waiting list. For those on the waiting list getting on early will improve your chances of getting a spot.

Tournament Rules:
1. The tournament is capped at 16 participants. There will be a waiting list. If anyone is still missing after we complete all the round 1 matches we will give those slots to people on the waiting list (first come first serve)
2. All Winner's matches will be live streamed. You will receive an invite to the lobby when it is your turn.
3. All loser's matches will be held in private 1 v 1 player matches between the two competitors. Once your opponent has been determined for your loser's match send them an invite as soon as possible. Any loser's matches left undone after winner's finals is complete will be held on stream. Please report your own loser's match results or message an event mod.
4. All matches (except the finals) are best 2 out of 3
5. Winner's finals, Loser's finals, and grand finals are best 3 out of 5
6. The winner of each match is character and variation locked

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