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Dizz 88

Selling Xbox 360 and some other stuff

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I have a bunch of stuff I need to sell because I'm hurting for money, and need books for school. I also just bought a PS4 TE2 which cost me $180.


*Xbox 360- Comes with several games already downloaded (Hitman HD pack, Hitman Absolution, Civilization Revolution, Injustice, Street Fighter 3rd Strike, Street Fighter 2 ST, Dark Siders II, Game of Thrones, Gotham City Imposters, Halo: Reach, Saints Row the Third, Soul Caliber V, and World of Tanks)


All this for $140 and I'll also throw in MK9.



*Mad Catz WWE FightPad (XBOX 360) - Brand New $12


Kenitic thingy for Xbox 1- $60


These costs do not include shipping.

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Accept the loss ($$) and take it to ur nearest pawn shop, unless u've already sold it here. 


Why would he? The amount he's asking for is very reasonable for what he's offering. If I had the money I'd buy it or trade my Elgato for it if he would accept it.

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