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MKX Halloween PSN Team Tournament

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Hey y'all of MKU. Even though I'm a vet MKU member i have NEVER made a forum on here, so please bare with me if i made any mistakes lol. I'm just trying to help my friend promote her online tournament that is to take place on PSN. Any Questions you can contact me at YoungSilk_Champ or her at BOSSCHICkk1- on PSN. You can reach me on MKU as well but i don't sign on here that much, so it's best to do it through PSN. So here it goes.... Her rules are as follows:



MKX Halloween PSN Team Tournament October 31, 2015 at 8pm

Must be in the U.S. due to lag and prize policy.
Teams of 2 players Vs. 2 players. 
Double Elimination.
1st to five matches. 
Double random select stage. 
Each teammate is advised to play at least 1 match each. 
Players must be respectful and have courtesy to others. 
Failure to comply by rules, including late and lagg notice will result in an automatic disqualification. You as the player are responsible for knowing these rules.
Late notice: 
The tournament starts at 8pm. Everyone will get invited to a group text chat at 8pm. SPAMMING unnecessary messages in the text chat can also get you and your teammate disqualified. Teams will start getting invited into a private KOTH via Private message invitation at 8:15pm. Failure to join or reply within 10 mins will result in an automatic disqualification. I want this tournament to run fast and smooth as possible with minimal lag. Any late comers over 10 mins late will also be disqualified and no excuse your responsible for knowing the time of the tournament. 
Lag notice: 
Excessive disconnect or lag between one or more team members can result in a disqualification, in an event of lag its best to make the person with the best connection play for you. If you're unable to join the KOTH do to lag it is possible for you to be disqualified. Both team member must be present in KOTH matches. 
Prize: Each winning team member will receive a $10 dollar PSN card. Only for first place winning team. 
Please just follow the rules so you don't have to get disqualified. Last bracket updates will be announced on OCT 30, 2015 on the tournament bracket website. Last day to register is OCT 29, 2015. DUE to my busy schedule time to organize this tournament is limited. 
Tournament will be streamed on one of the tournament coordinator's channel youtube.com/MSBADDEZCHICK at 8:00 pm on OCT 31, 2015. YoungSilk_Champ can invite you to the stream if you're on PSN. 
To sign up both you and your teammate must add and contact YoungSilk_Champ on PSN. So your name can be added to the bracket. 
Maximum of 20 teams can't exceed this tournament, this is subjected to change depending on how many people want to participate in this tournament. 
Bracket will be updated as people register.

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