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Results for KI3 World Cup

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This weekend will see the Killer Instinct World Cup take place, which players have been trying to qualify for the past year. It's taking place in San Antonio, Texas, and will have a last chance qualifier to start off the event.


Players present in the main tournament are F3|Sleep, UA|Bass, Rico Suave, TSC|CD Jr., LCD, PaulB, YOMI|JagoBlake, GutterMagic, MyGod, RM|GnarlyFeats, cR|CupCake, RM|ShinTristan, RM|Grief, UA|MyGod, UA|TSwagg, Fiyah Liger, C88|PinkDiamond, UL|Rebelo, UA|CharlieBoy, UL|ZergKiller, C88|Texace, Bastfree, Thompxson, UA|Sickle, NS|Nicky Vengenz, ThrashHeavy, CMC888|KI4Life, Crotus33 as well as four more players who will qualify through the last chance qualifier.





Killer Instinct World Cup — Results 



1. Rico Suave (Shadow Jago, Omen, Glacius)

2. UA|MyGod (Sabrewulf)

3. UL|Rebelo (TJ Combo, Shadow Jago)

4. F3|Sleep (Kan-Ra, Aria, Glacius)

5. UA|Bass (Spinal, Cinder)

5. BH|Grief (Sadira, Orchid)

7. cR|CupCake (Sabrewulf, Maya)

7. Waterhorses (Glacius)


9. YOMI|JagoBlake (Jago)

9. NS|Nicky Vengenz (Fulgore)

9. PAG|PinkDiamond (Maya)

9. AKG|ShinPaulo (Thunder)

13. LCD (Orchid, Maya)

13. PaulB (Sabrewulf, Hisako, Riptor)

13. Thompxson (Jago)

13. UL|ZergKiller (Aganos, Spinal)


17. Fiyah Liger (Riptor)

17. UA|Daymein (Sadira)

17. UA|Sickle (Glacius)

17. ThrashHeavy (TJ Combo)

17. UL|Flash (Sabrewulf)

17. BH|Swordsman09 (Cinder)

17. GutterMagic (Thunder)

17. Crotus33 (Cinder)


25. RM|ShinTristan (Thunder)

25. UA|TSwagg (Sadira)

25. RM|GnarlyFeats (Orchid)

25. UA|CharlieBoy (Orchid)

25. NS|TexAce (Glacius)

25. BastFree (Orchid)

25. TSC|CD Jr. (Maya)

25. CMC888|KI4Life (Orchid, Hisako)



Source: Eventhub

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