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Results for ESL MKX Pro League Season 3

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Update: This story has been updated with final results.
The third season of ESL's Mortal Kombat X Pro League is about to end, with the finals occuring today.

This event has many of the fiercest competitors in the game present, and qualified players are cR|SonicFox, PxP|A Foxy Grampa, PG|Scar, cR|Dragon, Orbit|Hayatei, PND|Madzin, Perfect Legend, Sakron, VDV|St9rm, Noble|BeyondToxin, Noble|Raptor, VDV|Boki, IrishMantis, Jupe, Crathen, and BEN|HeeyGeorge.

It's also been confirmed that we'll be getting our first look at Injustice 2 gameplay at these ESL finals.

Streaming will be done via the NetherRealm Twitch channel.



Check out the full action below.


Mortal Kombat X — Results
1. cR|SonicFox (Alien - Acidic, Cassie Cage - Brawler)
2. PxP|A Foxy Grampa (Mileena - Piercing)
3. cR|Dragon (Alien - Tarkatan)
4. PG|Scar (Sonya Blade - Demolition, Others)
5. Orbit|Hayatei (Takeda - Ronin)
5. Noble|Raptor (Takeda - Shirai Ryu)
7. PND|Madzin (Sub-Zero - Grandmaster)
7. Jupe (Kano - Cutthroat)

9. Sakron (Kitana - Assassin, Others)
9. BEN|HeeyGeorge (Jacqui Briggs - Full Auto, Jacqui Briggs - Shotgun)
9. IrishMantis (Johnny Cage - Stunt Double)
9. Noble|BeyondToxin (Ermac - Mystic, Ermac - Master of Souls)
13. Crathen (Scorpion - Ninjutsu)
13. VDV|St9rm (Takeda - Shirai Ryu)
13. VDV|Boki (Takeda - Shirai Ryu)
13. Perfect Legend (Scorpion - Ninjutsu, Others)


Source: Eventhubs.com

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