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Basic Attacks

Straight Jab: :1: 


Hook Strike: :l:+:1: 


Knee Buckle: :d:+:1: 


Hard Cross: :2: 


Swinging Hooks: :l:+:2: 


Hook Jab: :r:+:2: 


Rising Fist: :d:+:2: 


Straight Boot: :3: 


Heel Strike: :r:+:3: 


Side Kick: :d:+:3: 


Spin Kick: :4:


Sweeping Hooks: :l:+:4: 


Deadly Knee: :r:+:4:


Hook Swipe: :d:+:4: 



Jumping Attacks

Black Dragon Bash: :1: 


Blade Jab: :2: 


Flick Kick: :3: or :4: 



Hop Attacks

Hammering Hooks: :u:, :1: or :u:, :2: 


Brute Kick: :u:, :3: or :u:, :4:


Getup Attacks

Hook Spin: :u:+:2: 


Hook Punch: :u:+:3: 



Flawless Block Attacks

Hook Spin: :u:+:2: 


Hook Punch: :u:+:3: 




Toward Throw: :L1:+ :r: or  :r:+:1:+:3:


Back Throw: :L1: or  :1:+:3: 



Roll Escapes

Forward Roll Escape: :r: +:L2:  


Away Roll Escape: :l: +:L2:



Air Escape

Air Breakaway: :d:+:R2:

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Kombo  Attacks
Last Breath:

:1:, :1:


Hook And Blood Splatters:

:1:, :1:, :1:



:l:+:1:, :2:


Extermination Squad:

:l:+:1:, :2:, :d:+:2:

Scary Face:

:2:, :2:


Vapor Trails:

:2:, :2:, :1:



:2:, :3:


Kabal's Deep:

:r:+:2:, :2:


Maimed And Mangled:

:r:+:2:, :2:, :4:


Left For Dead:

 :r:+:4:, :1:+:3:

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Special Moves

Buzzsaw: :l: :r::1: 



:air:Buzzing Buzzsaw: :d: :l: :1: 



Nomad Dash: :l: :r::3: 

Hook Slam: :d::l: :4: 



*Rolling Buzzsaw: :d::l: :1: 



*:air:Straight Buzzin': :l: :r::1: 



*Low Hook Grab: :l: :r::2:

*Conflicts with Low Spinner.

*Low Spinner: :l: :r::2:

Conflicts with Low Hook Grab.

*Hook Grab: :d::l: :2:

*Conflicts with Nomad Spin.


*Nomad Spin: :d::l: :2: 

Conflicts with Hook Grab.


*:air:Slight Gas: :l: :r::3: 

*No Additional Requirements.

*Flash Parry: :d::l::3: 

*No Additional Requirements.
*Conflicts with Extended Hook.


*Extended Hook: :d::l: :3: 
Conflicts with Flash Parry.

*Gas Blast: :l: :r::4:



*Dash Cancel: :l:+:R1:

*No Additional Requirements.




(Special Moves marked with * must be equipped in the "Kustomize" menu.)


(Special Moves sharing identical inputs cannot be equipped at the same time.)


(Some equipped Special Moves may take up 2/3 equip slots.)



Fatal Blow



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Road Rash: (Mid) :l: :r::d::r::3:


Hooked: (Close) :d::d::d::4:


Mercy: (Mid) Hold :L2:, :d::d::d: 




The Klassic: :d:+:2:

*Do not block during the final round

*Final Hit must come from an Uppercut


Spin Me Right Round: :l: :r::3: 

*Final Hit must come from Nomad Dash


Rollin' Through: :d::l: :1: 

*Final Hit must come from Rolling Buzzsaw 


Ripped Away: :d::l: :4:, :R1: 

*Final Hit must come from Amplified Hook Slam


Deadly Vapors: :l: :r::4:

*Final Hit must come from Gas Blast


Spinner Winner: :L1: 

*Final Hit must come from Back Throw

Heart Attack: :l: :r::2:

*Final Hit must come from Low Hook Grab 


Screamer: :l: :r::4:, :R1:

*Final Hit must come from Amplified Gas Blast


Nowhere To Run: :r:+:4:, :1:+:3:

*Final Hit must come from "Left For Dead" Kombo

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