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Basic Attacks

Straight Punch: :1: 

Gut Slice: :l:+:1: 

Low Jab:  :d:+:1: 

Specter Strike: :2: 

Rising Cut: :l:+:2: 

Rising Spear: :d:+:2: 

Hinge Kick: :3: 

Flip Kick: :l:+:3: 

Flick Kick: :r:+:3: 

Side Strike: :d:+:3: 

Step Kick: :4: 

Scorpion Sting: :l:+:4: 

Shin Strike: :r:+:4: 

Quick Kick: :d:+:4: 


Jumping Attacks

Hell Hook: :1: 

Straight Stab: :2: 

Devil Kick: :3: or :4: 


Quick Jumping Attacks

Spear Stab: :u:, :1: or :u:, :2:

Corkscrew Kick: :u:, :3: or :u:, :4: 


Getup Attacks

Rising Blade: :u:+:2: 

Spear Slice: :u:+:3:  


Flawless Block Attacks

Rising Blade: :u:+:2: 

Spear Slice: :u:+:3:



Toward Throw: :L1:+ :r: or  :r:+:1:+:3:

Back Throw: :L1: or  :1:+:3: 


Roll Escapes

Forward Roll Escape: :r: +:L2:  

Away Roll Escape: :l: +:L2:


Air Escape

Air Breakaway: :d:+:R2:

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Kombo Attacks

The Damned: :1:, :1: 

Torment: :1::1::2: 

Eternal Vengeance: :l:+:1:, :4:

Haunted: :l:+:1:, :4:, :1:

The Killing: :l:+:1:, :4:, :3:

Banished: :2:, :1:

Dark Soul: :2:, :1:, :2:

**Wrath: :2:, :1:, :2:+:4: 

**Hack And Slash: :r:+:3:, :2:

Falling Ashes: :r:+:3:, :4:

Inner Demon: :r:+:4:, :2:

Soulless: :r:+:4:, :2:, :3: 

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Finishing Moves
You're Next:  :l::d::d::1:  (Far)

Chain Reaction:  :d::r::l::2: (Mid)

Mercy: Hold:L2:, press :d::d::d: (Mid)


The Klassic: :d:+:2:

*Do not block during the final round*

Spine Ripper: :L1: 
Crispy: :d: :r: :3: 
Demon's Blood: :2:, :1:, :2:+:4: 

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