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Shao Kahn
Basic Attacks

Face Smash:



Dragon Fist:



Hammer Slam:






Rage Strike:



Rising Wrath:



Brutal Kick:



Dragon Toe:



Shao Shimmy:



Knee Shatter:



Petty Kick:



Hammer Slammer:



Kahn Kick:



Side Spike:




Jumping Attacks

Hammer Poke:



Final Strike:



Double Dragon Kick:

:3: or :4: 



Hop Attacks

Quick Slam:

:u:, :1: or :u:, :2: 


Breaking Dragon Claw:

:u:, :3: or :u:, :4:


Getup Attacks

Fatal Warning:



Deadly Swipe:




Flawless Block Attacks

Fatal Warning:



Deadly Swipe:





Toward Throw:

:L1:+ :r: or  :r:+:1:+:3:


Back Throw:

:L1: or  :1:+:3: 



Roll Escapes

Forward Roll Escape:

:r: +:L2:  


Away Roll Escape:

:l: +:L2:



Air Escape

Air Breakaway:


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Kombo Attacks


:1:, :2:



:1:, :2:, :1:+:3:



:1:, :4:


Merging Realms:

:1:, :4:, :2:


You Will Die:

:2:, :1:


Is That Your Best:

:2:, :1:, :2:


Power Of Shao Kahn:

:2:, :3:


Die By My Hands:

:2:, :3:, :2:


You Will Fail:

:r:+:2:, :1:


Bow To Me:

:r:+:2:, :1:, :2:


Fear Me:

:r:+:2:, :4:


You Will Never Win:

:r:+:3:, :4:


Last Breath:

:r:+:3:, :4:, :1:+:3:


Konquer All:

:4:, :4:

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Special Moves 

Merciless Spear: :l: :r: :1:


Scum Grab: :d::l: :1: 

*Amplify: :R1:


Shoulder Charger: :l: :r::3: 

*Amplify: :R1: 

**Amplify:  :d:+:R1:


Hammer Lunge: :d::l::4:

*Amplify: :R1: 


Close Hammer Lunge: :d::l::4:, :l:

*Amplify: :R1:


Far Hammer Lunge: :d::l::4:, :r: 

*Amplify: :R1:


*Annihilation: :d::l::3: 

*Amplify: :R1: 


*Ground Shatter: :l::d::4:

*Amplify: :R1: 


*Up Wrath Hammer: :d::l::2:




Fatal Blow






(Special Moves marked with * must be equipped in the "Kustomize" menu.)


(Special Moves sharing identical inputs cannot be equipped at the same time.)


(Some equipped Special Moves may take up 2/3 equip slots.)

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Back Blown Out: (Close) :l: :r::d::d::2:


Kahn-Sequences: (Close) :l: :r::l::1: 


Mercy: (Mid) Hold :L2:, :d::d::d:





The Klassic: :d:+:2:

*Do not block during the final round

*Final Hit must come from an Uppercut :d:+:2:


Obliterated: :d: :l: :4:

*Final Hit must come from Hammer Lunge :d: :l: :4:


Spiraling Out: :d::l: :3:, :R1:

*Final Hit must come from Amplified Annihilation :d: :l: :3:, :R1:


Charging Through: :l: :r: :3:

*Final Hit must come from Shoulder Charge :l: :r: :3: 

Going Ham... mer: :L1:

*Final Hit must come from Back Throw :L1:


Kahn Croquet: :r:+:L1:

*Final Hit must come from Toward Throw  :r:+:L1:


Head Kabob: :1:, :2:, :1:+:3:

*Final Hit must come from DIE Kombo :1:, :2:, :1:+:3:

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