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Chernyy Volk

Searing Rage Combos

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Alright, before we get started, here's my small legend I'm gonna use.

~ - a special cancel, so 11~bf1
(A!) - amplify, so 11~bf1(A!)

(KB) - Krushing Blow

(KBA!), Krushing Blow Amplified, this is for max range bf1 combos.

Starters ranked from least to most damage:







So here we go.

BF1(A!) Combos

String~BF1(A!), 112/212/B141/F32~DF4/212+4

String~BF1(A!), F32~BF1(A!), 112/212/B141/F32~DF4/212+4/212(KB)

String~BF1(A!), F32~DB3(A!), F3, F32~BF1/F3, 212+4 (one side switches one doesn't)

Far JiK, B2~BF1(A!), 112/212/B141/F32~DF4/212+4

Far JiK, B2~BF1(A!), F32~BF1(A!), 112/212/B141/F32~DF4/212+4/212(KB)

Far JiK, B2~BF1(A!), F32~DB3(A!), F32~BF1/212+4

Close JiK, FFF32~BF1(A!), 112/212/B141/F32~DF4/212+4

Close JiK, FFF32~BF1(A!), F32~BF1(A!), 112/212/B141/F32~DF4/212+4/212(KB)

Close JiK, FFF32~BF1(A!), F32~DB3(A!), F32~BF1/212+4

Back To The Corner: String~BF1(A!), 4~DB3(A!), 4, 21, 212+4/4, 4, D1, 112


DB3(A!) Combos

String~DB3(A!), F3, F32~BF1/F3, 212+4

String~DB3(A!), F3, F32~BF1(A!), 112/212/B141/F32~DF4/212+4/212(KB)

String~DB3(A!), 4~DB3(A!), F32~BF1/212+4

Back To Corner, F32 Doesn't Work: String~DB3(A!), 4, 21, 212+4

Back To Corner, F32 Doesn't Work: String~DB3(A!), 4, 4, 11~BF1(A!), 112/212/B141/F32~DF4/212+4/212(KB)

















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