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Shang Tsung (Move List)

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Shang Tsung
Basic Attacks

Spear Jab: :1: 

Thigh Tear: :r:+:1: 

Serpent Stab: :d:+:1: 

Tiger Fist Crush: :2: 

Spiritual Eruption: :l:+:2: 

Skull Collapse: :r:+:2: 

Soaring Fist: :d:+:2: 

Sternum Breaker: :3: 

Deception Sweep: :l: +:3: 

Rushing Spike: :r:+:3: 

Ankle Snap: :d:+:3: 

Throat Kick: :4:

Dragon's Claw Gouge: :l:+:4:

Rising Chest Kick: :r:+:4: 

Stance Breaker: :d:+:4: 


Jumping Attacks

Raining Spear: :1: 

Crushing Palm: :2: 

Hawk Kick: :3: or :4: 


Hop Attacks

Soul Barrier: :u:, :1: or :u:, :2: 

Hop Spike: :u:, :3: or :u:, :4:

Getup Attacks

Cinder Swipe: :u:+:2: 

Ash Flare: :u:+:3: 


Flawless Block Attacks

Cinder Swipe: :u:+:2: 

Ash Flare: :u:+:3: 



Toward Throw: :L1:+ :r: or  :r:+:1:+:3:

Back Throw: :L1: or  :1:+:3: 


Roll Escapes

Forward Roll Escape: :r: +:L2:  

Away Roll Escape: :l: +:L2:


Air Escape

Air Breakaway: :d:+:R2:

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