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Chernyy Volk

First Patch Universal Changes Wishlist

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Wanna share what I'D like the game to get.

1: All whiffing/hitbox/low profiling issues fixed/removed.

2: All S1's and D1's are 7f's, all D1's are +10 on hit.

3: All U3's are 6F and do 12% and are universally +15 on hit, -10 on block

4: All U2's are 9F and do 10% and are universally -15 on block

5: Throw damage reduced to 120

6: Throw range reduced to point blank

7: One variation added per character

8: Jumping startup is increased

9: Wakeup invincibility is removed

10: All non-combo starting KB's are normalized to do 21 to 29% damage.

11: Only one breakaway per round

This game would be perfect if all this happened IMO.

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