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FREE] The funniest video for you, don't forget it. Let try it even you stay on tolet

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Risusme is a your funny medicine

You can understand that Risusme - Funny videos is a funny video collection, funny short videos, hilarious videos, buzz video, top buzz free, laughing videos, top buzz videos, humour videos, viral videos, daily funny videos. A lot of awesome video clips, new video community whereby individuals can express opinions, share the hottest and funniest videos. It makes your life to more happy, fresh after tired, boring or some feels like that because laughter is the best medicine and it was just only found at Risusme.

Features of this app:
- Watching and sharing the best awesome videos with great detail
- Nice design and usable interface. Easy to use and maybe you shall love Risusme!
- Sharing videos from Risusme with friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Google+,..... etc
- The app is daily updated. Let open it and laughing all day
- Comment, like the video that you love
- Free all and forever

Let the first people to comment on the video and get on the top with a lot of likes

Now, go ahead and hit “install”. Hey!!, don't forget rating and give to us your idea about it.

Have fun and enjoy videos on Risusme - Funny video

Follow us on Social Media:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/risusme
Twitter: https://twitter.com/risusmeapp

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, don’t hesitate to let us know via email: risusmesoft@gmail.com . We want to make the best app for you so your feedback really matters.

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