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    12xxBF1(MB),d1, b343xxDF4 F3xxBF1(MB),d1, b343xxDF4 JiKxxBF1(MB),d1, b343xxDF4 JiK(air)DB1(MB), d1, b343xxDF4 4,3xxDB1(MB), d1, b343xxDF4 F21, 4xxBF1(MB), b343xxDF4 NOTE: In V1, DF4(MB) Side-switches while in V2 it does not.
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    MK11 thoughts so far?

    Gameplay: Good. Graphics: Excellent Stages: Better than MKX Roster: Potato Story: Good Aesthetics: 50/50, shaders suck, Scorpion should only wear yellow. Fatal Blows: Potato Krushing Blows: Potato Ranked Mode: Fried Potato Krypt: Good I like the game better than the other games released after MKA for gameplay. I hate the roster less than MK vs DC, but more than any other game. I hate shaders, but I like the gear. Breakaway timing strictness sucks, but breakaways look better than breakers. Not enough ninjas, no 3D character except Frost. Jax's arms are still fleshy when performing a fatality on him when they should be robotic inside, same as Frost, who's internals are all biological - this annoys the fk out of me. Gore graphics are a lot better. They mapped model's faces for characters in the game, I loved that. All in all, it's okay, but not enough to make me want to play it all the time like I use to.