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  1. @Demonium @Komatose @GhosT here
  2. Just wait to see how it turns out. You could just waste your money
  3. Only MK Chatacters, there are plenty to choose from but sadly NRS does this to get a totally different customer type. It’s all about money
  4. I was gonna tag you @CRKFIEND I know you’re getting it for the Switch too. @DarkTrax too
  5. I made chicken tacos they came out very good that even Mace himself would’ve been very proud of me and my culinary skills 

    1. Dizz 88

      Dizz 88

      You gotta make chorizo tacos, those are the best!

  6. FUCKKKKKK!!!!! They did a great job with Shao Kahn, it makes me want to pick him just because of the voice interaction during the round. Can’t wait
  7. I know she is but was never a popular character I meant a true popular 3D chracter. This game has lots of slots wasted I only hope we get great DLC characters, so far Shang Tsung is my boy since MK2 so I’m happy for that
  8. Haaaa father of the year! Nice story Mine, back in the late 80s my grandma was very strict and didn’t let my brother and I go to the Maquinitas “arcades” we didn’t have plenty of money to play but my brother and I liked just watching other kids play. In 92 MK came to the scene and My entire little town loved it so we used to wait in line for our turn. Finally we got MK for Nintendo then MK2 and decades later I still have the passion for MK but everything began in that little and poor arcade in my home town in Guatemala the golden years for sure
  9. Damn, that’s serious cash right there. This is great
  10. This makes a lot of sense I really hope NRS gets to see this video
  11. Mmmm Hsu Hao. He was killed by Scorpion tho. Boom really hates Hsu Hao I guess No I’m even more confused ahhh @Dirtylova your boy ain’t making it. At least you have Baraka in
  12. Holly shit! And still no 3D era characters. I know they weren’t great but fuck this is an insult to that era
  13. I have exactly the same, one for each console I used the Xbox one like 2 times and the PS is still brand new, where did you get the actual arcade?
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