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  1. I had ordered a copy last night. Now after reading this, I feel like canceling it until further notice. I think I may just do that, or take the approach that anything NRS gives is probably better than most of the games that I currently have on the switch.
  2. Great to you back online, Chaos. I don't think we ever recovered the signatures. Maybe we just need to re-implement it. I'll check it out. Let's get that Saleen son of a gun posting. Saleen is legend! haha. @Gerchap where Dirty at?
  3. WOW!! Chaos returns!
  4. D'Vorah? Not a fan of that character. She seems rather convoluted to me gameplay-wise. I'd rather have MK reinstate someone like Sheeva. But then again, I'm somewhat biased because I never got going with MKX. Nightwolf is another victim of the new characters that I would have loved to see in MK11. Mileena has to come as DLC too. SHE is MK!
  5. It is great to see you post again, DRS. Welcome back!
  6. That's the problem. These fricken games cost so much money, yet I'm sure publishers are banking on selling multiple copies of the same game to a single user. One handheld and the other for non-portable consoles. They better enjoy this moment as it will be the last. Ubiquitous cloud gaming is almost here with Google Stadia and I'm betting Microsoft will take the same approach.
  7. I've had a Nintendo Switch for over a year but due to lack of interest in existing games released on the console, I have used it for no more than 5 hours of playtime. Consequently, late last year I decided that I was better off selling the damn thing. BUT then the impossible happened - MK11 was announced for Nintendo Switch. I think I lost my mind for the first five minutes after that news while prowling through every NRS new sites to make sure they hadn't made a mistake with the announcement because Ed Boon got high on some shit. Needless to say, that news is now a hard-coded fact for the imminent release - MK11 is indeed coming to Nintendo Switch on April 23rd! This is literally going to breathe life into a switch that had been somewhat redundant for me since release. But now I plan on getting MK11 on Switch before my XBOX for one key reason which is Mobility. I will be able to travel with the Switch without ever missing out. But the likely downside here is whether the MK community will embrace this console. I really do so! Also, there's also the option of perhaps getting it for MS Windows with hope that I would be able to cross-play XBOX players online. If that is possible, then I probably won't be buying a copy for the XBOX. Again, mobility is key here and with cross-play, I won't have to worry about finding matches online. EDIT: Merged thread.
  8. DarkTrax

    MK9 for PC

    It sucks that old NRS games are not played by the community. I would love to play MKD all over again with folks online. Halo 2, for example, is still played online by various losers today.
  9. @Dizz 88These are pretty impressive, Dizz. Thank you, bro! The first clip is pretty sick. The second one is patchy.
  10. MACE!! Neither can I. LOL I'm going to work on that this afternoon.
  11. Does anyone have high level gameplay of MK11? I can't find much on YouTube. Too many sh* videos
  12. Test, 3,2,1...

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