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  1. Wonder if the taunts are simply a life regen like the old games or if they have more elaborate functions.
  2. Apparently it's unlocked in story mode, too. Just another immersion killer you have to look at because dumbfuck consumers are run amock.
  3. Two true things... 1. Yes, watching someone else play seems to go against human nature. When I was a kid, I would almost bite my knuckle off watching and criticizing my brother play. 2. Al Bundy is in fact the man and probably should have a statue at every courthouse in the country.
  4. G'day, mate. Good work. Do we have our old sigs here? I just had a good laugh reading my old profile shit. By the way, Red is MK9 on TYM if you're looking. Dirty is over there, too, but he's probably too busy cooking to check his messages.
  5. I'd figure more people would have fun with this kind of stuff, especially with how good the online has gotten. People seem more interested in being viewers now than participants, though. Or they prefer the ranked one-and-dones.
  6. Chap, I'm in. Thanks, brother. DrewRS, how goes?
  7. I'm glad I can say the word retarded again without some 19 year old giving me an infraction and lecture. Also, can somebody get me back on my old account? Says my email doesn't exist.