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  1. Well, it's different. The Demo really clued us in on what this game was made of. Great graphics, but I feel it slows the engine down.
  2. Have your people meet with my people, then we'll do lunch. mic drop, lol
  3. Clean fighting; no third party devices, glitching, etc Retreat is not an option, which means no pulling or quitting Always fight according to set rules unless noted otherwise Zen is our game and our attitude, always say ggs. Your win/loss record must be legit, no noob hunting The 8 Kanji of the Empire: 1. Strength: Ever since our acquisitions we became one of the strongest, if not the the strongest clan, that ever ruled the MK scene. This could not have been done by the work of one man alone. 2. Integrity: When I formed the clan in 2005 during MKD, the main purpose of this clan was to have a set of values that no other clan had. 3. Fight: When The Fight to Kill Clan lost to us in a last man standing battle, their leader went down fighting and took out a lot of 88s down with her. So we hired her to fight for us instead. 4. Honor: Arguably one of the most powerful clans to ever dominate the MK scene, the Honor Clan merged with the 88s. Not only did they bring powerful players to the group, they brought real team players. 5. Respect: The Play With Respect Clan from MKA merged with the Crazy 88 at the beginning of MKvsDC. During MKA, they were the most professionaly run clan with photos of every member on their web page. 6. Courage: We have the power to persevere through any challenge. That means conquering new Mortal Kombat environments as well. 7. Wisdom: The Crazy 88s are free will thinkers, and with good judgement to steer us, we will prove to make very few mistakes. 8. Loyalty: We are fully committed to this clan and its purpose Titles and Job Positions 1. Emperor: supreme leader, has final decision on all clan matters 2. King: co-leader, only the emperor can override the king's decision 3. Prince: co-leader in training, needed when no leader is available 4. Imperial Warlord: in charge of the entire clan, other warlords, and top squadron 5. Warlord: in charge of a squadron 6. Adviser: as the name applies, offers advice to the leaders 7. Samurai: a competitive player, either offline or online 8. Earthrealm Warrior: offline tournament participant 9. Earthrealm Champion: offline tournament winner 10. Grand Champion: winner of a major tournament, such as EVO, Devastation, etc. 11. Outworld Champion: online tournament winner 12. Daimyo: leader of an offline chapter with 1-6 members 13. Shogun: leader of an offline chapter with at least 7 members 14. Flag Bearer: communications officer 15. Calligrapher: graphic artist/video producer 16. Online Clan Champion 17. Offline Clan Champion MK9 Clan Rankings: 1. Apprentice – Prospect phase 2. Aonisai Bushi “Amateur Samurai” – Achieved after initial acceptance into 88s 3.Saichuu Bushi “Middle Samurai” – Achieved after successfully defeating any member in a series of first to 8. This term could also be shortened to simply Samurai or Bushi. 4. Seiei Bushi “Elite Samurai” – Achieved after defeating eight (8) 88s in a series to eight. At the moment, the only way an 88 can become an "Elite" is if an 88 can defeat 3 "Elite Samurais", they will also achieve this level. 5. Koden Bushi “Legendary Samurai” –Achieved after demonstrating tremendous value in battle (clan wars), and/or winning a tournament, and must be agreed upon by the triumvirate, and hold at least an Elite ranking to be eligible. MK Rankings based off of trophy achievements: 1. Chop sticks = no trophies at all 2. Katana = one bronze trophy or at least 1% 3. Silver Katana = one silver trophy or at least 25% 4. Gold Katana = one gold trophy or at least 50% 5. Hattori Hanzo Katana = platinum trophy or at least 88% Basically every 88 will start off as an Amateur Samurai (Aonisai Bushi) with chop sticks, lol. Battles may be decided offline.
  4. Beer!!!! this thread is in response to the chit chat over there at the ggs thread.