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  1. Apparently there’s been some leaks regarding DLC characters. Someone data mined the Switch version I guess. Looks to be a mix between MK characters and other. I won’t spoil it but the info is out there!
  2. I call not it! Haha. Looks good, hopefully we can find out some more info. I’m always looking for a better dpad.
  3. I’m rooting for crossplay at some point.
  4. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-u9M_SUTRKM
  5. Anyone hear Shujinkydink’s?
  6. Red is in the building! This is starting to feel like old times. What did I miss the last 7 years?? Haha
  7. DRSIceman

    Liu Kang

    I never played MKX but I saw some vids of Ninja playing him and he looked freakish.
  8. I loved seeing all the clans go to war back in the day. I only played Xbox then so OWG was the clan to beat. I remember doohoo left with Alienz and started Dark Legion. Dink started his STB clan......I’m old.
  9. DRSIceman

    Liu Kang

    ^^ this is true! He looks like he’s gonna have some decent setups. Meterless launchers are also huge.
  10. No complaints here Daniel, it’s good to see some friends around. It’s been a long time.
  11. Chaos WAS on this list but the man made it here! What are the whereabouts of these other guys? Any I’m forgetting from the old days? It’s impossible to remember them all. Bobby Blaze, Quest2Be1, Booya, Alexie, MEsoFLY, Eazy2Beat, Killer B, Maverick, Pig, Doohoo, Groy, Malone, Omerta C, RaidenWins, Atari, Red Saleen, PTW, MKF, puffpuffpass, WU, SirChuck, Dirty, BNR, stretchshrimp, Dangeros, Smoke LK
  12. “For example, if I land a combo and Krushing Blow you....” I’m ashamed to say that I laughed at this wording....
  13. Thats pretty awesome, thanks. Why can’t they remake the s-type!!?
  14. Someone find me something that compares favorably to the original Xbox S-type controller! That was my favorite dpad.
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