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  1. Meathook


    Fatalities Road Rash: (Mid) Hooked: (Close) Mercy: (Mid) Hold , Brutalities The Klassic: + *Do not block during the final round *Final Hit must come from an Uppercut Spin Me Right Round: *Final Hit must come from Nomad Dash Rollin' Through: *Final Hit must come from Rolling Buzzsaw Ripped Away: , *Final Hit must come from Amplified Hook Slam Deadly Vapors: *Final Hit must come from Gas Blast Spinner Winner: *Final Hit must come from Back Throw Heart Attack: *Final Hit must come from Low Hook Grab Screamer: , *Final Hit must come from Amplified Gas Blast Nowhere To Run: +, + *Final Hit must come from "Left For Dead" Kombo
  2. Meathook

    Shao Kahn

    Fatalities Back Blown Out: (Close) Kahn-Sequences: (Close) Mercy: (Mid) Hold , Brutalities The Klassic: + *Do not block during the final round *Final Hit must come from an Uppercut + Obliterated: *Final Hit must come from Hammer Lunge Spiraling Out: , *Final Hit must come from Amplified Annihilation , Charging Through: *Final Hit must come from Shoulder Charge Going Ham... mer: *Final Hit must come from Back Throw Kahn Croquet: + *Final Hit must come from Toward Throw + Head Kabob: , , + *Final Hit must come from DIE Kombo , , +
  3. Meathook

    Shao Kahn

    Special Moves Merciless Spear: Scum Grab: *Amplify: Shoulder Charger: *Amplify: **Amplify: + Hammer Lunge: *Amplify: Close Hammer Lunge: , *Amplify: Far Hammer Lunge: , *Amplify: *Annihilation: *Amplify: *Ground Shatter: *Amplify: *Up Wrath Hammer: Fatal Blow YOU SUCK: + **NOTE** (Special Moves marked with * must be equipped in the "Kustomize" menu.) (Special Moves sharing identical inputs cannot be equipped at the same time.) (Some equipped Special Moves may take up 2/3 equip slots.)
  4. Meathook

    Shao Kahn

    Kombo Attacks Warlord: , DIE: , , + Takeover: , Merging Realms: , , You Will Die: , Is That Your Best: , , Power Of Shao Kahn: , Die By My Hands: , , You Will Fail: +, Bow To Me: +, , Fear Me: +, You Will Never Win: +, Last Breath: +, , + Konquer All: ,
  5. Meathook


    Special Moves Buzzsaw: *Amplify: Buzzing Buzzsaw: *Amplify: Nomad Dash: Hook Slam: *Amplify: *Rolling Buzzsaw: *Amplify: *Straight Buzzin': *Amplify: *Low Hook Grab: *Conflicts with Low Spinner. *Low Spinner: *Amplify: *Conflicts with Low Hook Grab. *Hook Grab: *Amplify: *Conflicts with Nomad Spin. *Nomad Spin: *Amplify: *Conflicts with Hook Grab. *Slight Gas: *No Additional Requirements. *Flash Parry: *No Additional Requirements. *Conflicts with Extended Hook. *Extended Hook: *Conflicts with Flash Parry. *Gas Blast: *Amplify: *Dash Cancel: + *No Additional Requirements. **NOTE** (Special Moves marked with * must be equipped in the "Kustomize" menu.) (Special Moves sharing identical inputs cannot be equipped at the same time.) (Some equipped Special Moves may take up 2/3 equip slots.) Fatal Blow OFF THE HOOK: +
  6. Meathook


    Kombo Attacks Last Breath: , Hook And Blood Splatters: , , Eviscerated: +, Extermination Squad: +, , + Scary Face: , Vapor Trails: , , Sandman: , Kabal's Deep: +, Maimed And Mangled: +, , Left For Dead: +, +
  7. Meathook


    Fatalities Ice-Cutioner (Mid): Frozen In Time (Mid): Mercy (Mid): Hold, Brutalities The Klassic: + Off With Your Head: , Dancing On The Ceiling: + Slicing Meat: +
  8. Meathook


    Special Moves Ice Ball: Slide: (Amplify: ) **Polar Axe: **Death-Cicle Barrage: **Creeping Ice: Fatal Blow: CHILL OUT: +
  9. Meathook


    Kombos Chinese Ninja Warrior: , Cold Encounter: , , Icy Grave: +, Frozen Over: +, , Frozen Tundra: , New Threat: , , Unchained: +, Final Draw: +, Below Freezing: , Permafrost: +, Frosty: +, ,
  10. Here's some text color shortcuts (Remove the *) [*color=INSERTCOLOR]***TEXT***[*/color] Colors available on MKU: Red Orange Gold Yellow Light Green Green Light Blue Blue Pink Magenta Purple Brown White Light Gray Gray Black I'll update this as I remember more.
  11. I learned that some people I know don't know many keyboard shortcuts, so here's a couple in case anyone here didn't know them either, including the basics. If anyone knows any I didn't post, please post them. I just picked up these shortcuts over the years, I'd like to know more lol. Bold: Ctrl + B Underline: Ctrl + U Italics: Ctrl + I Cut: Ctrl + X Copy: Ctrl + C Paste: Ctrl + V Undo: Ctrl + Z Redo: Ctrl + Y Highlight sentence: Ctrl + END Highlight All: Ctrl + A Bookmark: Ctrl + D New Tab: Ctrl + T It's been a while since I've used these shortcuts often, I may be forgetting a few.
  12. Meathook

    Liu Kang

    Liu Kang Basic Attacks : : + : + : : + : + : + : : + : + : + : : + : + : + Jumping Attacks : : : or Hop Attacks : , or , : , or , Getup Attacks : + : + Flawless Block Attacks : + : + Throws: Toward Throw: + or ++ Back Throw: or + Roll Escapes Forward Roll Escape: + Away Roll Escape: + Air Escape Air Breakaway: +
  13. Gameplay: Good. Graphics: Excellent Stages: Better than MKX Roster: Potato Story: Good Aesthetics: 50/50, shaders suck, Scorpion should only wear yellow. Fatal Blows: Potato Krushing Blows: Potato Ranked Mode: Fried Potato Krypt: Good I like the game better than the other games released after MKA for gameplay. I hate the roster less than MK vs DC, but more than any other game. I hate shaders, but I like the gear. Breakaway timing strictness sucks, but breakaways look better than breakers. Not enough ninjas, no 3D character except Frost. Jax's arms are still fleshy when performing a fatality on him when they should be robotic inside, same as Frost, who's internals are all biological - this annoys the fk out of me. Gore graphics are a lot better. They mapped model's faces for characters in the game, I loved that. All in all, it's okay, but not enough to make me want to play it all the time like I use to.
  14. Sonya Blade: To The Choppa (Mid): Supply Drop (Close): Sub-Zero: Ice-Cutioner (Mid): Frozen In Time (Mid):
  15. Kitana: Gore-Nado (Mid): Royal Execution (Mid): Kung Lao: Headed Nowhere (Close): Meat Slicer (Close): Liu Kang: Burn Out (Close): Belly Of The Beast (Mid): Noob Saibot: Split Decision (Mid): Double Trouble (Close): Raiden: Alternating Current (Mid): Direct Current (Close): Scorpion: You're Next (Far): Chain Reaction (Mid): Skarlet: Bloody Mess (Mid): Heart Kondition (Mid): Shang Tsung: ? ? Shao Kahn: Back Blown Out (Close): Kahn-Sequences (Close):