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  1. Fatalities Split Decision (Mid): Double Trouble (Close): Brutalities The Klassic: + Decapper: (Hold )
  2. Special Moves Shadow Tackle: Rising Shadow Kick: Tele-Slam: *Ghost Ball: *Spirit Ball: *Sickle Snag: *Tele-Slam: *Shadow Portals: , , *Shadow Slide: *Shadow Strike: *Shadow Dive: *Sickle Port: (*Must Be Equipped, moves sharing the same input cannot be equipped at the same time. Some moves may take up additional equip slots.) Fatal Blow Together Again: +
  3. Kombo Attacks Creeping Shadow: , Empty Grave: , , Tormented Souls: , , As One: + For The Brotherhood: +, +, Total Darkness: , Resurrected: , , Fade To Black: +, Evil Within: +, , Wailing Wraith: +, , , Sinister Silhouette: +, +
  4. Noob Saibot Basic Attacks Heavy Knuckles: Shadow Poke: + Knee Hook: + Straight Fist: Dark Push: + Turning Chop: + Rising Sickle: + Straight Kick: Shadow Slice: + High Kick: + Boot Slide: + Dark Heel: Sickle Sweep: + Sneaky Saibot: + Sickle Strike: + Jumping Attacks Dark Jab: Sickle Swipe: Wraith Kick: or Hop Attacks Sickle Slam: , or , Spinning Wraith: , or , Getup Attacks Slick Sickle: + Wraith Boot: + Flawless Block Attacks Slick Sickle: + Wraith Boot: + Throws: Toward Throw: + or ++ Back Throw: or + Roll Escapes Forward Roll Escape: + Away Roll Escape: + Air Escape Air Breakaway: +
  5. Meathook


    Finishing Moves You're Next (Far): Chain Reaction: (Mid): Mercy: Brutalities
  6. Meathook


    Special Moves Spear: *Amplify: Hell Port: *Amplify: (Air) Hell Port: *Amplify: **Death Spin: *Amplify: Fatal Blow GET OVER HERE: +
  7. Meathook


    Kombo Attacks The Damned: , Torment: , , Eternal Vengeance: +, Haunted: +, , The Killing: +, , Banished: , Dark Soul: , , **Wrath: , , + **Hack And Slash: +, Falling Ashes: +, Inner Demon: +, Soulless: +, ,
  8. I don't want any guest characters, I want 3D era characters and ninjas. Preferably ninjas... and Khameleon.
  9. I never really left lol
  10. The character forums are a work in progress lol. I'll be beginning with Scorpion's thread, and going from there. About the chat box, I don't have a clue how to fix that lol, I think that's Trax's area of expertise.
  11. It's good to be back... now if I can just remember how everything works lol
  12. According to the last leak, Mileena and Shinnok were said to be hidden characters, but so was Shang Tsung, who turned out to be DLC character #1. Idk about anyone else, but I hope she's in the game as a hidden character and not DLC. I'd prefer DLC be reserved for characters we haven't seen in a while. Mileena though, she has a lot of fans and I could accept her as DLC because of that, but Shinnok? If he's DLC, I feel that's a wasted spot. Thoughts?
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