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  1. you leave us forever, ya bum?

  2. So I found out the PC version has some huge differences from the PS4 and it really killed my desire to play it competitively.
  3. Does anyone here stream MK11? If so drop your twitch below and I'll follow. I couldn't find anyone from the old community streaming it.
  4. Been using Johnny Cage. I still picking my secondary. Right now it's between Shao Kahn, Jax, and Noob Saibot.
  5. So far I REALLY like it. Playing online is obscene but I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays offline. Offline PC play is fantastic and it feels buttery smooth. A bit stiff compared to SFV, but that's what I remember from MKX. I've recognized a few quirks in online play. I cannot do certain dial-a-combos, it's like the inputs don't register for the latter half. It's fine offline, but in ranked it really fucks with my neutral.
  6. Been feeling nostalgic for the old days. Happy to see some familiar faces. I'll be active again with MK11.
  7. miss ya bro

    1. Gerchap


      Good to see you back @Ermac92 I really hope Quest comes back I sent him an email hopefully he still uses that email address 

    2. Ermac92


      Good to be back , Gerchap. I was literally just talking to JamesMK about the site and the XBL/PSN beefs we had back in the MKA era. Good times.