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  1. @Chernyy Volk I'm looking forward to seeing this guide expanded on! Good work.
  2. We could, but I don't have any of my old systems hooked up. Limited space in the living room I suppose, but it doesn't work on any of my current-gen systems. You could stream it to PS4 using PSNow, but F that noise.
  3. They fixed the krypt exploit that allowed you to open the 'fatality crates' without actually doing the fatalities. Therefore opening Shang Tsung's throne room. Funny that they were able to fix a krypt glitch that had no impact on the game, but hastened krypt progress in under two days, but gameplay fixes like Johnny Cage's broken combo are still not adressed.
  4. I think the pace of the game is meant to be a slower almost 'Street Fighter 3' style of gameplay, and I'm okay with that. Smaller combos, and more about spacial awareness and a boss wake up game.
  5. The Krypt is trash. I spent over 1.2M in koins in it last night, and I haven't put a dent in the unlocks. F you NRS.

    1. Gerchap


      Is there a guide with the specific location for the good ones? 



      Somewhat. Most of the Krypt stuff is actually random though. I've heard that the only static chests are the Shao Khan chests, and possibly the Scorpion ones. they take a long time to grind out anyways. The coin chests are all random. To be honest there's a lot of boring costumes to be unlocked, they're basically just palatte swaps of other costumes. The coolest stuff are the intros and victory poses.

    3. Gerchap


      Got it thanks,  so I’d be unlocking shit left and right later haha 

  6. To re-visit this: I'm playing with Johnny Cage at the moment. He's pretty down-the-middle or worse against a lot of the cast so I'm keeping tradition with playing low tier.
  7. I recommend everyone save their coins/hearts or whatever until after the update. Prices are dropping this week.
  8. I'm almost done the story and I have a few notes I wanted to mention: 1. The story is better than MKX's so far. 2. I still dislike Jacqui, she's not very interesting, but Jax makes up for it in the tandem story arc. 3. Johnny Cage is awarded 'Most Improved Character'. He sucked in MKX, and he's amazing here. 4. D'Vorah is awarded 'Best character they fucked up'. She's pretty boring here. 5. Whoever decided to hire Ronda Rousey as a voice actor needs to be dragged out and beaten. Sonya's voice acting is a noticable step down from everyone else. 6. The gameplay is slower than MK9, and I think that's okay. The combo strings seem to be shorter than what we are used to, and I feel the projectiles are doing less damage. 7. Fatal Blows were still a terrible idea. 8. Where the fuck are stage fatalities? They fucked this up in MKX too, is NRS daft?
  9. Cassie is the only one of the MKX kids worth a rip.

    1. Komatose


      Idk Jacqui is pretty raw.

  10. Still to early to call, but I can give you a few of my impressions: I am disappointed with the music, just like I was disappointed with the music in MKX and Injustice 2. They opted to go the 'atmospheric route', and none of it has any soul. It's all forgettable. I LOVE all of the wake up options in MK11, and Krushing Blows seem cool, since they all lead to a free pop-up which I didn't know at first. I think that the Fatal Blows we're put in as a cushion for bad players, and I have a problem with that. Even if someone misses with one, it recharges in like 10 seconds. It's pretty lame. I'm still not a fan of the interactable environments, I wish they stayed in Injustice...
  11. I got that shit. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoZP3_ngYjQvgUM7n4VF-y2dBAhX 🤗
  12. I REALLY liked seeing the TMNT's in Injustice 2, although I didn't get into the game very much. It was a great idea, and I'd love to see them on the main roster. As far as MK, I agree... Keep it in the MK universe. I don't want to see Spawn, I don't want to see Ash, I don't want to see Shaggy... Ok, I want to see Shaggy.
  13. I'm waivering. I really would like to see it in action, or see Digital Foundry or someone else take a crack at it before I pull the trigger. NRS isn't doing itself any favors when it comes to selling MK11 for Switch. Between the reports of most of the game not on the card, and potential graphics issues I really want to take a cautious approach with this one.
  14. Folks, please keep in mind that these story cutscenes are all pre-rendered video, and don't represent the in game graphics. The video still doesn't show much gameplay, and when it does, it's in the form of a very small overlay on top of a Nintendo Switch.