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  1. I REALLY liked seeing the TMNT's in Injustice 2, although I didn't get into the game very much. It was a great idea, and I'd love to see them on the main roster. As far as MK, I agree... Keep it in the MK universe. I don't want to see Spawn, I don't want to see Ash, I don't want to see Shaggy... Ok, I want to see Shaggy.
  2. I'm waivering. I really would like to see it in action, or see Digital Foundry or someone else take a crack at it before I pull the trigger. NRS isn't doing itself any favors when it comes to selling MK11 for Switch. Between the reports of most of the game not on the card, and potential graphics issues I really want to take a cautious approach with this one.
  3. Folks, please keep in mind that these story cutscenes are all pre-rendered video, and don't represent the in game graphics. The video still doesn't show much gameplay, and when it does, it's in the form of a very small overlay on top of a Nintendo Switch.
  4. Simple question, folks: How did you get introduced to Mortal Kombat? I thought it would be a good idea and maybe we'd hear some funny/interesting stories! I'll start... So leading up to my 8th birthday, all my friends were talking about Mortal Kombat. I had seen it in gaming magazines, but never actually played the game until I got a chance at a local arcade. I fell in love. The game looked so good, and the violence in the game was a bit of a shock factor for a kid who played most of his games on NES/SNES. I remember having a small rental place in my podunk town in NH, and they decided to sell their copy of MK for $30. I told my parents about the game for sale, and that I really wanted it, my mother said, "Absolutely not" as she had heard about the infamous game, and how it was terrible for children. A few days later I noticed that MK was gone, someone had purchased the game. My dreams were dashed! Fast forward to my birthday party... One by one I opened all of my gifts, and sadly Mortal Kombat was not to be found. After all the gifts were opened, my dad said, "Oh, I think we forgot one of your gifts in the bedroom!" I was psyched, I knew what it was immediately, and my mom did too. My dad came out with a SNES game shaped box. I tore the wrapping paper to shreds, and inside: Mortal Kombat for SNES. My mom started immediately yelling at my dad, and they ended up in one of the biggest arguments I can recall in the room aside from our kitchen, but I was content. My dad hooked me up with the present that started the obsession. I love you Mom - but props Dad you made the right choice!
  5. 'Press X to purchase Frost'? They best not be referring to cash money.
  6. Wow, that's a crime. If this turns out to be true they lost a sale. That's my entire switch internal! In the days where SSD/Flash memory can fit hunderds if not thousands of gigabytes into a card, this is unacceptable. I'm wondering if the game will even run without being connected to the internet. It better.
  7. I might just continue to like every post I see of yours because Al Bundy deserves it. Also the Twitch culture is a bit odd, I don't understand the appeal of watching people play games. That was the worst part of gaming with friends as a kid. That controller was mine!
  8. I enjoyed that Island Warrior's bio went to a quote of me telling some newbie to avoid him. The guy was mental.
  9. Whatever happened to that MKServerTrash site? It was good for a laugh, and basically took a dump on everyone in the community. You made me think of it, because back in the day TYM would ban people for talking/linking about it.

    Liu Kang

    I'm doubting he's going to be very unsafe. He's Earth's champion, and a martial arts master. Boon done fucked up if Liu is terrible.
  11. I liked that her ovipositors retracted. It gave her a deceptively human look when she was going about her business during gameplay, and the story... Oh well, I hope she plays well.
  12. I remember that. My PS2 broke back mid-life of MKD, and I moved over to Xbox to play against new people. Good times. I haven't kept up with any of those guys really. What did Pig do? I'm kind of out of the loop on the drama I suppose. Stretch, Blaze and I played some MK9 games, but we've fallen out of touch as well.
  13. The whole schtick about TKO is that it had the strongest roster of any clan, even if it meant you'd use broken stuff. I was an anomaly because I played clean, my hatred for Moe and Yayo's glitching turned to some weird respect because I could still play against them and hold my own. I wouldn't reform it without the OG crew, or the backing of the best players online. Never say never, but improbable.
  14. I'll take the tier list that comes out after the first week, and choose the last person.
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