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  1. Tournament, more characters and so on..
  2. I am trying to get an early copy of MK11, so far no luck lol

  3. If you guys have not heard Tweedy's rap diss to some of the top players, here is your chance! Let the MK11 Hype begin!
  4. is there a "new post" button?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ReyTheGreat


      This is to see all the new posts?



      You mean view new posts, and not create? You can either go to the bottom of the homepage and look at the last 12 forum posts that were posted. Or from the frontpage you can choose tjhe 'Unread Content' button, and in there you can sort by time. Hopefully that works.

    4. DarkTrax


      We need to make that more obvious. Some of those buttons at the top are redundant as it is. Let's replace them with something more useful. I'm on it!

  5. I really hope MK11 brings back those epic MK9 clan wars.
  6. Im ready. I want to try Shao Khan, Kotal, and Noob.
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