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  1. Anyone else having issues pre-loading on PS4? My downloads are just sitting in my queue list, "waiting".
  2. So after finally getting to watch this, does Liu Kang become a god? He sort of looked like he had Raiden's power at the end.
  3. Posted this from my phone. Not sure it formatted properly.
  4. I won't be venturing to look for anymore leaked information. Some people are starting to reveal story spoilers and that's no bueno. Revealing characters and fatalities is not a big deal to me. Revealing the ending to the story mode is a dick move.
  5. Was in a bar, drunk. Saw sub-zero rip a head off with spine attached (MK1). Hooked! People would line up and put their quarters on the glass for their turn. If you were any good, you got to play a lot of MK for very little money. The fighting game concept wasn't new. Street Fighter II was already out and really changed the experience of games for me. No longer was it you vs. the game but you vs. the guy next to you. A real test, not the memorization of patterned programming. Add the ability to knock their head off their shoulders and the satisfaction significantly increased, not to mention the shit-talking. The other draw was to find the right button combinations to execute the fatalities. These things weren't printed on the side of the cabinet. You had to either figure it out, mostly accidental, or go out or go searching in game magazines and bulletin board systems. The amount of disinformation was staggering and the internet was very young. Then it got weird...easter eggs! If there was ever a game that sucked your soul inside it, forever trapping you in a digital purgatory, it was the original Mortal Kombat.
  6. Find out more information by visiting https://www.mortalkombat.com/esports
  7. I changed the title so it doesn't give away who the leaked character is, for those who don't the surprise ruined.
  8. Last one for now, have to get back to work. Notice anyone @Gerchap...
  9. People got the game early and are already posting tons of stuff. If I get complaints, I'll take this down. NOTE: All the leaks are already on REDDIT. Too many to post.
  10. More of the artist's work: https://www.artstation.com/andrey_zheltov
  11. I don't have the arcade cabinet. I'm looking for schematics that show how to build one. That picture is from the MK9 PGP tournament in Vegas.
  12. Yep. For that cabinet, they just cut out holes large enough to drop them in. I have a 1 for PlayStation and 1 for XBOX. Never used them much because they are quite bad.
  13. Do you have the schematics for how you're doing this? This is something I've wanted to do ever since I saw them at the PGP tournament in Vegas. I have two of those PGP sticks I want to use for it. They are garbage sticks but I'll convert the hardware.
  14. There will be no Kombat Kast next week instead showing their last pre-launch Kast on Monday, April 22, 2019.
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