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  1. Does he have an overhead ?
  2. Horrible game. It’s just focused on aesthetics and that’s it.
  3. The new Kratos would of been cool to see in MK11. Boi Boi Boi
  4. She looks cool. I still won't touch her tho.
  5. Tweedy is the type of dude to shoot up a Tournament one day.
  6. Hopefully he is not as broken like in MKX. He already looks like he’s going to be a pain to deal with.
  7. Kollector looks cool. He reminds me of Alien from MKX.
  8. MK9 had the best roster and actually had what people wanted. This new roster is pretty horrible. Too many slots taken by meaningless characters. Also there is nothing unique about the new characters.
  9. Would never happen because Disney owns SW now. Darth Vader would be good tho.
  10. They should of gone with Stryker instead.
  11. I hope so. He has not been a DLC in the past so therefor he should be in this game. I’ll be okay with that if that’s the case.