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  1. odio el puto MK11, juego basura

  2. I went  through "Rage" in MKvs DC,  a net and a dream in MK9, mix city in MKX,  but i can´t stand fucking fatal blows, stupid ass game!!!!!

  3. idk whats happening to me, this is the first MK that i´m not playing all the time.... :( 

    1. Gerchap


      Bro I haven’t played a single match :(  

  4. I was in the lab and I can pull off flawless block in gaps over 6F, can anyone here can do flawless block in gaps less than 6F???
  5. fuck fatal blows


    1. Gerchap


      I don’t get it either. It makes no sense to give that chance to a losing player because that’s an easy comeback for sure


    2. Komatose


      Nah FBs suck and get stuffed by everything on the planet. 

  6. the only thing that I hate are the fatal blows, is a reward for losing energy, is dumb
  7. kano, because he has few strings, and is easy to use
  8. same history of Dizz88, back in `92 in the arcade, nothing special
  9. Liu kang is my worst nightmare, seems like allways is broken since mk vs dc
  10. Grr without atom he is the worst in the scene LOL
  11. traté de usarlo como dos meses con mkx, solo podia usarlo solo con dos personajes, pero necesita mucha practica para crear memoria del musculo, lo dejé abandonado por alli
  12. no kombat kast today?

    1. Gerchap


      Episode 8 es mañana 

  13. i didn´t know PL has a web site, thanks for sharing !