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  1. zatamora

    Liu Kang

    Liu kang is my worst nightmare, seems like allways is broken since mk vs dc
  2. Grr without atom he is the worst in the scene LOL
  3. traté de usarlo como dos meses con mkx, solo podia usarlo solo con dos personajes, pero necesita mucha practica para crear memoria del musculo, lo dejé abandonado por alli
  4. no kombat kast today?

    1. Gerchap


      Episode 8 es mañana 

  5. i didn´t know PL has a web site, thanks for sharing !
  6. I buy a madcatz fightsick, then a hitbox, then a hori fighter commander...... all that, is in a corner collecting dust, the dualshock 4 is what i´m used
  7. I`m excited about Dvorah, brood mother was my main character, I love creepy, weird setup characters
  8. LOL me too, I just pull a little meterless combo in the corner with kabal, I ´ll main shao khan and dvorah
  9. I love this site, tnx Gerchap an Trax for bring the site again
  10. WTF with Cetrion fatality,

    1. Gerchap


      No lo he visto, que está de ahuevo? 



      It's trash.

    3. Gerchap


      Cetrion doesn't seem or feels like an MK character Imo

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