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  1. @MaceWind The beginning of your story was legendary lmao
  2. When I was a toddler. My father introduced me to UMK3 on Super Nintendo. And that’s where it all started. My love for fighting games, gaming becoming my hobby in general and my love for games thus far in general. It was a life changing experience and I got really good at UMK3 and KI as a young one. I’ve always had a natural talent for fighting games/good muscle memory apparently.
  3. I should add to this lmao have some on my old computer lmao Just need to find my mouse...
  4. First time I saw that Johnny Cage fatality lmao
  5. They both look so sick. I’ve been waiting on the Kitana reveal...
  6. The family of shadows ❤️
  7. Word? Who else? I didn’t see this as your kind of character but I dig it.
  8. Absolutely not looool
  9. Hey, Erron Black is badass. Everyone knows my female character picking wrapsheet buttttt let a male character be badass enough and I’ll play with them a tad. And he’s a bounty hunter... Who obtained acid from REPTILE to KILL other people... It doesn’t get much more badass than that.
  10. I liked Erron in MKX. Love that cowboy type deal but his design seemed too bulky... Just a tad. Now? He seems juuuust right. A slim, nice outfit and appears to always have his hat which was a big thing for me. Looks very nice in this game.
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