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      Hopefully they take it tonight. I don’t even know why they didn’t take it on Monday because taking the lead in the final 5 minutes and being at home should’ve been a big factor. I hate the Warriors 

  2. He looks cool af, however I am more excited about Sindel and Spawn. And I wish they would add Khamelon. Which is the female one. I am hype for the klassic skins. But yeah, he looks dope. FB was just a tad underwhelming. It was cool but expected more. And his fatality was AMAZING. At least the one they showed. I can tell just from this that he will be a strong character lol. Excited to see what people do with him. I might play with him because his attitude is so savage in this game. Not humble at all lol Just talking trash and I love his gauntlets. They fit him. Evil and precise looking. Love the young version.
  3. Erron And Scorpion are a problem. Something needs to be done...
  4. Noob is slow af but does damage like crazy.
  5. Looks like Frost was day 1 and will be my primary. Skarlet second and I’m probably going to pick up Noob.
  6. Oh and the stages are way too fucking dark. This is coming from someone who brightens the screen instead of darkening it like it wants us to do. Very few stages can I see on or are bearable to my eyes... More brighten stages and less darker stages would have been a plus for people with eye problems like myself.
  7. I love it. Combos are fluent. I just wish they were longer for some characters. Or more damaging. New mechanics aren’t bad but they’re not great. They’re just there for me. Gameplay as a whole as far as competitive is just incredible in my opinion. My biggest smh moment having to do with the game is all the P2P content. It seems like you have to buy a lot. Whether it be from the krypt or other means. And I’m not sure why fighting game are turning more into RPGs... Enhancing gear? Who the fuck are we fighting at the end? Diablo? I don’t like the equipment and skin unlock design and I am against all the extra gear augmenting as a whole. I want to fight a character as they are. I am okay with interchangeable specials. I warmed up to that. But everything else is just extra and uncalled for and puts me off entirely. The graphics are some of the best graphics I’ve seen in almost any game, beaten by few, and I have yet to play the story although i year some say it’s incredible and some say it’s whack. But I’m not on the game for the story although it peaks my interest and the story from MK9 to now seems interesting. But yeah. I have way more good thoughts on the game than bad, but the few things I dislike I dislike them majorly... Overall: Great game, love it. I can see myself playing this for the duration.
  8. @MaceWind The beginning of your story was legendary lmao
  9. When I was a toddler. My father introduced me to UMK3 on Super Nintendo. And that’s where it all started. My love for fighting games, gaming becoming my hobby in general and my love for games thus far in general. It was a life changing experience and I got really good at UMK3 and KI as a young one. I’ve always had a natural talent for fighting games/good muscle memory apparently.
  10. I should add to this lmao have some on my old computer lmao Just need to find my mouse...
  11. First time I saw that Johnny Cage fatality lmao
  12. They both look so sick. I’ve been waiting on the Kitana reveal...
  13. The family of shadows ❤️
  14. Word? Who else? I didn’t see this as your kind of character but I dig it.
  15. Absolutely not looool
  16. Hey, Erron Black is badass. Everyone knows my female character picking wrapsheet buttttt let a male character be badass enough and I’ll play with them a tad. And he’s a bounty hunter... Who obtained acid from REPTILE to KILL other people... It doesn’t get much more badass than that.
  17. I liked Erron in MKX. Love that cowboy type deal but his design seemed too bulky... Just a tad. Now? He seems juuuust right. A slim, nice outfit and appears to always have his hat which was a big thing for me. Looks very nice in this game.
  18. Looooool. C88s... Easily. The talent we have is insane. Emperors would go for a nice second though.
  19. Noob Saibot then Skarlet then Jade and maaayyyybbeeee Cetrion but only because she’s an elder god. Cassie looks okay too but I pick up at least three characters when a game drops. Oh and Erron Black looks so sick...