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  1. Cherny out here doing gods work... Thank you brother

  2. Lolz *eye roll* im sure im not the only one
  3. No reptile, no play Jk. Noob for sure, had fun with raka so maybe
  4. I mean im all for it but idk... I think we too spoiled by "e sports" for people to wanna clan up and war. Prove me wrong beeeehatches
  5. Idk, clan scene isnt what it used to be
  6. I really dont know yet for mk11. I used pad for the stress test / beta because i wasnt sure where to put the amplify button. Going to have to try different things on training mode. As far as sticks go, its fairly easy to replace pcbs now. Never used a converter so i cant speak on that. @Gerchap just my humble opinion but im not sure those 6 button mk style layouts. ... On second thought with the meter burn system gone it might actually work out. Idk, if you get the chance to try it on mk11 please lmk what you think.
  7. Good to fucking see you guys! Except Koma. Fuck that guy 😂 Jk ❤️ you man. Been a pretty weird last few years. Got divorced. Finally admitted im bi to friends and fam. Damn near ruined my life over a married 23 year old dyke. Picked up a nasty drug habit but about got it kicked. Chilled out a lot. Not so much of a troll anymore ;_;. Still build the occasional stick. Planning on opening a legit custom shop next year for restorations, sticks/cabinets, and cosplay props. Cant fucking wait. Super fucking glad mku is back.
  8. Welcome to the savage land, better sharpen up a spear! Or a harpoon, loved your manta bruh
  9. I missed y'all

    1. Dizz 88

      Dizz 88

      Hola! Welcome to MKU and make sure you follow all the rules or I'll ban you 

    2. xFriction


      😀  no 'puto' in there, i am disappoint son

    3. Snort69


      i missed u to lets make out and have pizza