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  1. GhosT

    Kollector mains

    My guy we can talk kollector all day man whatcha say. First of all fuck the haters. Second of all your doing God's work right now. He isnt as bad as people think. People dont want to work hard though. War quoit aka chakram is too good for komp. If they added it he would almost eventually get it nerfed anyway. But he does need some buffs. Do you main his zone or grapple variation ? I would discuss tech and setups with you but I'm too lazy to type. Xbox or ps4?
  2. 32 crushing blows oh on second hit. Short hops. About it lol
  3. First and foremost why play Kollector? The answer to that is because he is cool as shit. If your looking for super easy wins or something overly cheap to lean on this may not be the character for you. There are currently better options out there that will play similarly. The variation I want to touch on is Back in the pack. This variation allows you to bring a teleport as well as a command grab. As opposed to good hands which allows you to bring two projectiles instead. Why not good hands? Well I havent ruled it out but the projectiles do not lend themself to lock down zoning and in many matchups your going to need smart teleports to have a chance. Pros- Its a no fly zone. This guy owns the air and your just not going to be able to jump on him at all if the Kollector player is doing his job. There are characters like Cetrion etc with air specials that can work around it but overall his anti air and overall air space control is top notch. -d3 range as a tool in footsie game, low profiles the shit out of everything. -can negate roll outs -f1 stagger -1 -very hitconfirmable character and although not cheap in this current build he is very easy to pick up if your a beginner and want to learn to fundamentals as opposed to leaning on something cheap. -well timed non enhanced bolas can lead to full combos on kounter -cool as shit CONS- lacks a reliable overhead. - f12 is his low starter, this string isnt consistent when hit confirming into your bola for combos. You really have to be face to face to gurantee it lands and it's a shame. Nrs will need to address this. - a few pretty wack krushing blows, hes not a "your going to land every kb every game" type character -his up2 wake up does nothing for air defense -teleport can be manipulated but at the cost of a Bar. - no really amazing advancing mids so whiff punishing requires some precise spacing -his mace has two versions and both are nearly the same. Wtf nrs -overall kind of slow in the frame data So whats the gameplan? You really want to put an emphasis on walking, throwing, or combo carrying them near the corner asap. Your teleport can also be a good tool to get their back near the corner. The reason you NEED them there is mainly due to the lack of an advancing mid combined with the lack of a reliable overhead threat. This means as Kollector your going to need the right situation to get "greedy" that situation is back to the corner. But when you get them there oh boy you can make it work. Because you own the skies (d2, b3, j2, etc) you can get a little bit aggressive here, I find keeping a good 3 steps maybe 4 is a sweet spot, this allows you to have enough time to react to jumps or yolo xrays while also keeping you in range for baiting and blowing up wakeups, rolls, etc. But keep your eye on that meter. Because your a low starter character with limited oh people will eventually figure that out and it gets VERY hard to open people up outside of just outspacing. When you reach that point your best friend is going to be f1 alone. Its -1 but one hit as opposed to f12 which is 3 hits. The stagger will let you get a grab in here or there which is really needed to advance to the next stage of Kollector meta. Once they fear a grab you have options such as wait for their poke after stagger, follow it into a full string etc. Short hop, empty short hops into lows (yeah we out here working hard I know) It's a lot of bullshit really. Outside of the f1 string his standing 4 4 has good range and is also very useful in the corner to just blow up a wakeup. Your win condition is going to be making two reads on meter, once your opponent lacks a wakeup option your command grab becomes far more scary and guess what they will want to jump and remember they cant do that to you. Before I finish up for now I'll leave a few BNBs 8 frame punish- 13~MB Bola~JIK f3 Command grab. F12 (see above, same combos different starter) KB combos D2 13~ MB Bola Jik f3 command grab 23 (once again the same) Raw command grab on a roll read is the same also. All of these combos for one bar do around 300 or so, and the command grab ender can be swapped out with your db3 it just does slightly less. Also landing the f3 Into either the grab or db3 is made much easier the deeper you hit the kick, if your too high it just wont be consistent. I wont lie havent optimized anything corner related I have been doing the same combos there but I'm sure I can find something a little better, and I will add that later. <will be cleaning this post up later on my home PC adding more to it because there is a lot to cover and I did this at work cuz I was bored> Will also record some footage of corner scenarios explained above so it makes more sense. 👋
  4. Not my all time favorite. But its growing on me still. Need more time
  5. 2020 king ranch lookin like a starship...... 🙊 

  6. Get your blue check IRL

  7. gotchu chap.. for sure a DM coming bro
  8. https://www.astrogaming.com/shop/controllers/C40-TR.html I'm not going to test this out. But here's another submission for you pad users. Issue is customizable or not it doesn't matter if the dpad is trash. But if it WAS a good dpad I like the idea of being able to spend 20 or 30 dollars for a new dpad module instead of an entire pad. Cuz this bitch ain't cheap as far as a pad goes.
  9. Hitbox is the way to go. Ps4 requires more frequent driver updates to keep the hitbox from timing out and disconnecting but that's Sony fuckery and not the hitbox fault. I think most adapters have the same issue. As for pads find the one that works for you best because that is 100% subjective and all pads wear out and break down from the brutal torture that is fighting game wear and tear. With that said a premium or brand name (manufacturer of the operating system) licensed peripherals will last longer than most aftermarket pads. But they still break. I spent hundreds on ps2 pads in mk9 to run on an etokki adapter (RIP) ps2 pads were great pads for fighting games way better than dual shock 3 or 4. But they still broke. My first hitbox still works. Got it before igau launch that bitch has been to evos majors MLGS, had kool aid spilled on it, a blunt burn out on the top of it, been slapped almost thru the floor after a salty money match Sanford Kelly style and all I have had to do is clean the buttons a few times. Buy once cry once Hitbox master race
  10. It was vixen. How the hell u gonna be banned on mku before you even get back on mku 💀
  11. This guy left for a carton of milk one night when we were playing league of legends and never heard from him again... was I THAT trash bro? 😂
  12. This will be my day 1 main 100% 💪