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  1. Get your blue check IRL

  2. gotchu chap.. for sure a DM coming bro
  3. https://www.astrogaming.com/shop/controllers/C40-TR.html I'm not going to test this out. But here's another submission for you pad users. Issue is customizable or not it doesn't matter if the dpad is trash. But if it WAS a good dpad I like the idea of being able to spend 20 or 30 dollars for a new dpad module instead of an entire pad. Cuz this bitch ain't cheap as far as a pad goes.
  4. Hitbox is the way to go. Ps4 requires more frequent driver updates to keep the hitbox from timing out and disconnecting but that's Sony fuckery and not the hitbox fault. I think most adapters have the same issue. As for pads find the one that works for you best because that is 100% subjective and all pads wear out and break down from the brutal torture that is fighting game wear and tear. With that said a premium or brand name (manufacturer of the operating system) licensed peripherals will last longer than most aftermarket pads. But they still break. I spent hundreds on ps2 pads in mk9 to run on an etokki adapter (RIP) ps2 pads were great pads for fighting games way better than dual shock 3 or 4. But they still broke. My first hitbox still works. Got it before igau launch that bitch has been to evos majors MLGS, had kool aid spilled on it, a blunt burn out on the top of it, been slapped almost thru the floor after a salty money match Sanford Kelly style and all I have had to do is clean the buttons a few times. Buy once cry once Hitbox master race
  5. It was vixen. How the hell u gonna be banned on mku before you even get back on mku 💀
  6. This guy left for a carton of milk one night when we were playing league of legends and never heard from him again... was I THAT trash bro? 😂
  7. PC if its cross play with sexbox.
  8. This will be my day 1 main 100% 💪
  9. did u ban my name brodie LOL
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