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    Dizz was born in a hospital. Later on the great Dizz started playing fighting games and soon discoverd the greatest tech of all time. D4!!
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  1. Is there an MKU facebook group? If there isn't one, can I make one? 🤨

  2. Back in 1992 when MK1 first came out in the arcades.
  3. Yeah I hear you man, I thought MKX was ass. It's too much like igau. I haven't gotten into an NRS game since MK9.
  4. What's up Napalm, haven't heard from you in a while.
  5. The emperors are all free! The Crazy 88's are the superior clan.
  6. I don't trust that website, can you get them anywhere else?
  7. Would the converter work for a Xbox 360 Madz Catz fightpad?
  8. I thought converters created lag.
  9. I was gonna make a thread like this, but you beat me to it. The xbox controller sucks. Fightsticks work better for games like Street Fighter. When I used to have the xbox 360, I used a Mad Catz Fightpad pro, and that worked really good for me. However they don't make those anymore. The new Mad Catz fight pad sucks and dpad is way too small. Does anybody have any good suggestions for a controller with a good dpad?
  10. Really? Wheres Mileena? I heard a rumor she is supposed to be the 2nd dlc.
  11. Yep, if you need help with anything on the site let me know. I'll wait till you give me the word and then I'll let people know MKU is back.
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