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  1. Winners bracket FOX|SonicFox (Cassie Cage) Losers bracket BC|Dragon (Cetrion) NASR|TekkenMaster (Geras, Erron Black, Kung Lao, Sonya) 4. UYU|Deoxys (Geras) 5. PxP|A Foxy Grampa (Shang Tsung, Kung Lao, Cassie Cage) 5. PG|Tweedy (Jacqui, Baraka, Geras) 7. PG|Hayatei (Erron Black) 7. Noble|Semiij (Cassie Cage, Jacqui) 9. UYU|Rewind 9. UYU|ZackRob (Geras) 9. RCG|BigD (Cetrion) 9. END|Scar (Sonya) 13. BeyondToxin 13. DJT 13. Clprimetime (Kabal) 13. DizzyTT (Sonya) Source: Eventhubs.com
  2. This site needs more activity or it's gonna fade away again. 🙁


    1. Ermac92


      i agree, but how do we drum up activity?



      I've been popping up here and there, but there doesn't seem to be much excitement around MK11.

  3. Good shit Nation, you're Kitana is op. I never did pick her myself. I tried the Mileena variation, but didn't like it.
  4. Shagyy for DLC!!



      I'm down.

  5. @C88 Revy, can u post inputs.. having trouble reading them
  6. Great game compared to the past 3 nrs games. Reminds me of MK9. Kombatants have way too many combos, how the hell am I suppose to remember that shit. Kitana has 20 combos on her list, that's insane. Bring back combo breakers!
  7. MK 11 definitely needs balance changes, but they should take their time on doing it. Erron Black needs nerfed to D tier. They will probably do one after EVO.
  8. @Chernyy Volk ,what character are these combos for?
  9. Under Construction
  10. Notation Guide 1=Square 2=Triangle 3=X 4=Circle Amplify =R1 Cancel =XX DC = Dash Cancel Note: This Combo thread will START off only focusing on her 2 TOURNAMENT variations. Those Names are No Holds Barred & Ring Master. If you are unsure what moves to equip for tournament Sonya, I will list them briefly below. For anyone confused about dash cancelling, you are able to cancel your dash into any attack. This allows Sonya to dash cancel midscreen for easier conversions! No Holds Barred Low Kounter -BD3 (Amplify +R1) Standing Kounter -DB3 (Amplify) (Air)Ops Drop Down +R1 (Will Krushing Blow IF IT CONNECTS BY ITSELF) Ring Master (Air)Energy Ring Downward -BF2 D+R1 K.A.T. Orbital Drop -DB4 K.A.T. Orbital Drop Close -DB4,Back K.A.T. Orbital Drop Far -DB4,Forward K.A.T. Orbital Drop Very Far- DB4,Up NHB Combos Universal Punish/Getting a hit 134 xx BF2 - 22% / 25%(Amplified) Switches Sides Unless You Amplify 134 xx BF4 -19% / 23%(Amplified) Switches Sides When Amplified Midscreen BnB's Meter B123: B123 dc F4,333 xx DB2 Amplify ,F4 1+3 ,22222- 37% Damage Ender B123 dc F4, 333 xx DB2 Amplify,F4 1+3- 35% Restand Ender Meterless B123: B123 dc F4, 123 xx BF2 - 33% Damage Ender (Will Switch Sides Unless You Amplify) B123 dc F4, 123 xx BF4 -30% Damage Ender B14: B14 xx BF1 - 15% Mix Up Option B14 xx BF3 - 16% Mix Up Option ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ USE THESE TO KEEP YOUR OPPONENT HONEST! Corner Meterless B123: B123, 3, 3, 123 xx BF3 -34% Damage Ender You CAN substitute BF3 for BF2 for 2% more damage but be advised it switches sides B124: Note: Midscreen METERLESS B124 Combos are the same in the corner. Metered B123 3,3,123 xx DB2 Amplify, 333,D4 -43% Damage Ender B123 3,3,123 Amplify, F4 1+3 -40% Restand Ender B124: B124 xx BF2 Amplify-25% Mix Up Option Krushing Blow Combos Midscreen Air Control(You Have To Hit This Move By Itself As Punish/Kounter For KB DB2 Amplify, dc F4 ,123 xx BF4 -41% Oki Ender DB2 Amplify,F4 1+3 -30% Restand Ender [Use 2222 after 1+3 for 5% more damage] DB2 Amplify, F4,dc 123 xx BF2 -43% Damage Ender Source: xTeejay O, testyourmight.com
  11. Dizz 88

    Jade Combo Guide

    Jade Combo Guide for Noobs! Midscreen: F21, B343xx Nitro Kick. (240 damage) F21 *walk forward* 21 B2xx Nitro Kick (272 damage) D2 (KB) *walk forward* B2xx Nitro Kick (MB) (338 damage) 124 (KB, 1 whiffs) B343xx Nitro Kick (250 damage) Corner: F21 21 212 (263 damage) F21 D1xx (MB) uprang D1 212 (316 damage) B343xxBF2 D1 212 (229 damage) F34xxBF2 D1 212 (229 damage) 124 kb? 4xx (MB) uprang 212 (330 damage)