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  1. This site became dead again...what's going on

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    2. Gerchap


      The old school gamers aren’t that active most of us have more responsibilities than 10 years ago. Time goes by fast :( 

    3. Dizz 88

      Dizz 88

      Chap has a good point. More people need to contribute, it would also help if you can find mku on a google search. 



      Because this game doesn't have great competitive appeal. I like the game, but fatal blows give too much security to bad players.

  2. VIX

    Roll Call

    I made it back just in time!
  3. @ Last time I checked didn't you want to be an 88 a while back? Stop derailing the thread Omi.
  4. I don't play this game but I like how Khaotic is doin something for the community. Impressive...
  5. Heavy are you that fucking dumb or maybe you need to scroll back up. Who started this? I started the conversation of the topic (the 3 DLC characters)...yes. Who started shit talking first? Thats right...you...so just stop trying to be billy badass all the time. I was talking on topic then you come in here with your random shit talking/smart ass comments. This is a no flex zone so just stop please.
  6. @@HEAVY_HITTERZ111 Heavy for once in your life stop being a hater and stay in your lane. I came in this thread not for drama or to create it. Nobody asked for your smart ass comments.
  7. Like I said IN MY ORIGINAL POST on here "Not sure if this info is somewhere else on here cause I havent read all the MKX info" I dont keep up with what EVERYONE on this damn site says 24/7.
  8. Just for the record @ how would you know if the information I gave was facts or not? Everyones all telling me I'm full of shit with the info I gave. I dont know if its tru or not I was just simply passing down information that I was informed with. Like I said we will just have to see if its tru or not closer it comes to that day. My gamestop has never gave me false information before. If it isnt tru though then whats the difference of the $60 game vs the $100 one? Can anyone answer that?
  9. How is that too much work to look on here? You look to the left of his post and its right there LMAO...lazy ass nigg cant move his eyes slightly to the left to look under this niggs name
  10. I feel you and understand both sides. But then again my Gamestop guy has never lied to me before but idk. I guess we will just have to wait and find out lol.
  11. The guy at Gamestop told me that. Was trying to get me to buy the $100 MKX and I asked what the difference was and he said cause of those 3 being in the DLC.
  12. @ I am not impressed. You took what me and Ghost call you and added your own little shit to it. Its not cute. I'm not impressed one bit Abuse. I'm actually upset by this.
  13. You should change your GT to Aboose and not gay ass Caboose. Sounds like Caboose the train fuckboy