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    Mortal Kombat United is part of the fighting game community, keywords being “fighting game”. Some members enjoy starting stupid bullshit threads while not obeying the rules of the English language like proper grammar. I do understand the use of profanity and slang when confronting someone, it’s all good but this isn’t Facebook or Twitter; this is Mortal Kombat United a forum made for correct me if I’m wrong…Mortal Kombat players? And what do Mortal Kombat players do best? Fighting other Mortal Kombat players to see who is better. In my opinion why can’t we settle this honourably through Mortal Kombat? Some people just don’t want to do that. The time it takes for someone to make and write an idiotic thread about other people about retarded bullshit could have been avoided by a message to Catnip_Her0 (http://www.twitch.tv/Catnip_Her0)
    Hey Cat I want to play a few people in MK9 who I have problems with can you set it up?
    My Hit List
    (XBL) ExoticAbuse – Reason being a cunt.
    (PSN) ESP_-Miley-Mike – Reason being disrespectful
    Can you set it up for me? Thanks
    It’s that easy, if Catnip replies yes; he will hype the shit out of those matches on Mortal Kombat United, Twitter, Twitch and a certain rival Mortal Kombat forum. Now I understand if someone doesn’t have the same console as you even though you just want to beat the crap out of them, you may need to have a substitute. I’m a Jade player, that asshole has problem with me and I only have an Xbox 360, I can ask AkTiVe and if he agrees he could play for me on PlayStation 3 but to make it fair, he should use only fighters I know or the asshole who has a problem with me can do the same thing, find someone on Xbox 360 for me to fight following the same rules. Hell you can make this even more interesting with Money Matches.
    Why is it so hard for people just to fight it out? With some users when they to "expose" someone by just trying to start shit, why do they sound like they're mentally retarded? There are intelligent ways to diss someone and it should be intelligent, humourous and original at the same time. It's just dumb there's no need for "exposing" people, when really they're not exposing anyone, they're just make fools of themselves.