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  1. 2 hours ago, DarkTrax said:

    Why can't we still play MK9?  I guess people moved on to the latest and greatest. If they remastered that game for Switch, I would be the first in line to buy. 

    I think a few of today's top players could not compete, I've seen a lot of them attempt to play MK9 against legends. I think you need to have a bigger skill set in MK9 & a more complete understanding of fundamentals to play MK9 at the highest level that I don't think today's players do not have or grasp of (no disrespect). Like I've seen many players who've never even played MK9 talk about it & constantly shit on it especially since the release of MKX & especially MK11. People have been shitting on MK9 just because of how females' bodies & costumes looked back then, it really really pisses me off if you try to defend MK9 female characters or speak out about how you don't like how MKX & MK11 female characters look you're going to get flamed HARD! With the same comments that everyone gets. I've constantly said that I liked MK9 Jade more just because of consistency from UMK3 to her alternate in MKD & MKA to MK9 which is a consistent update of one another.

  2. I muted the music, let's just say that for starters like I have for MKX & Injustice 2,


    I like the game I find the game to be totally simplistic in terms of combos when in past MKs I was able to be creative with my combos & my approach especially with Jade but she's very straight forward and easy when in MK9 she was considered one of the hardest characters to learn in the game & every Jade player approached her differently but in this game, all good Jade players are going to play the exact same way which really annoys me. 

    I don't like certain mechanics, I hate flawless block, hopping is silly, breakaways are dumb, I miss proper wake-ups & most of all I HATE WHERE THEY MOVED THE FUCKING EX BUTTON! Jesus Christ it's annoying. There's no NJPs which is just weird. I don't think a certain characters belonged in the game, Frost even though she's the lone 3D era character but she's the smallest fish in the biggest pond it seems, Sektor could have easily replaced her it seems. Story Mode is really dumb like where's Kung Jin if he's not at the Wu Shi Academy or Special Forces Base? Where's Takeda if he's not at the Shirai Ryu Temple and not at the Special Forces Base? It makes no sense like so many other things in the story.

    Overall, I like the game but it just feels incomplete. It's not the best Mortal Kombat game by any means since I don't see it being better than MK9 at all in terms of fun or high level play.

  3. The biggest thing for me is finding characters who can actually handle a lot of the characters in the canon. Since MK11 is all about the original timeline & the current timeline I was thinking of characters that were been popular in either era. Sadly my favourite BuffyVerse character, Illyria will not be on this list as what we know Cetrion & Kronika already have her powers even though she's more than just a nature, time & martial arts Old God.





    Superhuman physical characteristics, enhanced senses, incredibly skillful fighter and expert martial artist (particularly proficient and knowledgeable in the use of pressure points), incredibly acrobatic, able to make gigantic leaps, as well as being deadly with a sword, she also a Chakram, the power to kill gods, can turn into a wolf, telekinesis, can create forcefields, energy blasts, precognitive visions and extra-sensory perception & Reality Warping.

  4. A lot of people have always wanted to see their favourite fictional characters appear in Mortal Kombat since the appearance of Kratos & Freddy Kruger in Mortal Kombat (2011) and NetherRealm Studios have consistently put guest characters in their games like Scorpion in Injustice Gods Among Us, in Mortal Kombat X we saw Jason Vorhees, Predator, Alien & Leatherface appear and we saw in Injustice 2 Sub-Zero, Raiden, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Hellboy.



    Which characters do you wish to see in Mortal Kombat 11? 

  5. When my uncle was in the Navy, whenever he was on base or on shore leave he'd go to the bar on base or the local pool hall & arcades & hustle people out of money in pool, pinball & retro games. In 1992, MKI just came out & people were going apeshit over it so he decided to give it a shot & he was great at it. He'd go to tournaments whenever he was on leave & he won a lot. When he left the Navy, he'd babysit my brother & they'd go to arcades & Chuck E. Cheese in Toronto just play MKII & UMK3. When I was finally old enough to walk & go to the bathroom by myself in 1997-1998, I'd go with them too where my brother would play the Jurassic Park game that was pretty awesome but uncle would hold me up & teach me how to play UMK3, my first character was Stryker because I love guns (whenever my brother was at school I was playing 007 GoldenEye & watching action movies). Whenever my family would visit him we'd play UMK3 on Sega Genesis until my brother would get tired of it & would want to play Earthworm Jim. We moved away from the Toronto area in 1999 to the  Orillia-Muskoka area where I was lucky enough that the movie theater had a UMK3 cabinet.


    Before I was born, he'd draw MK characters, Spider-Man & Venom also characters from Gargoyles just for my brother. Here's a few examples that I took pictures of for @scarsunseen on Twitter a few days ago:


    Colin Brooklyn.jpg

    Colin Ermac.jpg

    Colin Kitana.jpg

    Colin Spiderman Venom.jpg

  6. 4 minutes ago, Komatose said:

    I should add to this lmao have some on my old computer lmao Just need to find my mouse...

    That's where I have all mine & where I'm typing from. I laughed so hard reading the AkTiVe pic then reading your posts I copied below. lmfao

    There's hilarious moments in there that you can't help but to copy & paste or just snip it. I still need to find the time @Rampage254 kept dissing @RedRaptor10 & my terrible attempt at it.

  7. For any memorable ShoutBox/Chatbox moments? Share them here!

    Duke Yama Exotic Jade.JPG

    Friction big spoon.JPG

    Friction fk you exotic.JPG

    Ghost bam.JPG


    Koma Rapist.JPG

    Miniz bam.JPG


    Toad : (08:22 PM) Too confusing. Got my dick caught in the ceiling fan.


    GhosT : (03:41 PM) I love Cassie's mom

    GhosT : (03:45 PM) I would cheat on Cassie's mom only with maybe Jade

    GhosT : (03:46 PM) Like if i was on vacay in Outworld and Jade was grindin' on me i would go :pogchamp: but would never tell Cassie's mom tho.

    RM_xFriction: (02:57 PM) you filthy canadian


    Komatose : (07:42 AM) All my love is saved for Abuse. Sorry. Well, my real love anyway. You can have some of my artificial love but I'm running low.


    GhosT : (04:28 PM) aktive realist ###### breathing if ominous holds his breath :kappa:


    Komatose : (02:58 PM) Only person that has a real place in my heart is Exotic.



  8. 1 hour ago, Gerchap said:

    So there’s this thing called CRONUSMAXPLUS you can play any console using the controller of your choice if this works without any kind of lag then this is gonna be very helpful so I can play in Xbox and PS with no problem. Of course I have to buy a PS lol

    @C88 True Grave has one or a TitanOne, both made by the same dude but for different companies. I think he really likes them but they aren't really recommended by many because they aren't tournament legal & some TOs think they fuck up consoles.

  9. Make your dream band but you can only use musicians that have passed away.

    The only handicap is that they have to be people who died before the age of 50 (Example: Chris Cornell [52, 2017] doesn't qualify but Kurt Corbain [27,1994] does).



    1st Band

    Here's one my brother & I made:


    Genre: Metalcore/Deathcore/Thrash Metal/



    The Rev - Avenged Sevenfold




    Cliff Burton - Metallica



    Co-Lead Guitarist

    Chuck Schuldiner - Death



    Co-Lead Guitarist

    Dimebag Darrell - Pantera/Damageplan



    Clean Vocalist

    Chester Bennington - Linkin Park



    Unclean Vocalist

    Mitch Lucker - Suicide Silence



    2nd Band

    Genre: Hard Rock



    John Bonham - Led Zeppelin



    Phil Lynott - Thin Lizzy


    Rhythm Guitarist

    Dwayne Allman - The Allman Brothers Band


    Lead Guitarist

    Jimi Hendrix - The Jimi Hendrix Experience



    Jim Morrison - The Doors or Freddie Mercury - Queen


  10. 1 hour ago, iNFUSiON said:

    Heard I was Fatalitied on twitter @THE EMPEROR  I am a Death Row EMPEROR!!!  I have an eternal membership in life or death!!!! You gone get this work!!

    I thought "Death Row EMPEROR" was some bullshit that Vision & NTR made up after they got kicked. They even asked me to design a logo, I have it on my old laptop.

  11. 3 hours ago, DarkTrax said:

    I've had a Nintendo Switch for over a year but due to lack of interest in existing games released on the console, I have used it for no more than 5 hours of playtime. Consequently, late last year I decided that I was better off selling the damn thing. BUT then the impossible happened - MK11 was announced for Nintendo Switch. I think I lost my mind for the first five minutes after that news while prowling through every NRS new sites to make sure they hadn't made a mistake with the announcement because Ed Boon got high on some shit. Needless to say, that news is now a hard-coded fact for the imminent release - MK11 is indeed coming to Nintendo Switch on April 23rd!

    This is literally going to breathe life into a switch that had been somewhat redundant for me since release. But now I plan on getting MK11 on Switch before my XBOX for one key reason which is Mobility. I will be able to travel with the Switch without ever missing out. But the likely downside here is whether the MK community will embrace this console. I really do so!

    Also, there's also the option of perhaps getting it for MS Windows with hope that I would be able to cross-play XBOX players online. If that is possible, then I probably won't be buying a copy for the XBOX. Again, mobility is key here and with cross-play, I won't have to worry about finding matches online.

    In close, feel free to register on the poll which console will be your prime platform for MK11.

    Switch version is going to be very popular just for that reason as the opportunity to practice anywhere anytime for high level players is hard to pass up. A lot of players in the FGC already have a Switch to play Smash plus that community jumping into "the mix" as well so there will always be high level players to play. The only issue I see is getting used to the Switch pads, I'd recommend getting a Brook converter so you can use your Xbox 360 or Xbox One pad on the Switch so when you eventually get it on Xbox you shouldn't have any issues.