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  1. HORI Fighting Commander...they're like $50, not exactly my type of pad but I've heard good things about them.
  2. Faster got his off Amazon.
  3. I think the highest I've seen them go for is $150 USD for mint condition, that's about the price of a brand new HORI Real Arcade Pro.V Kai fightstick & the only real changes you need is change the square restrictor plate to an octagonal one, it's a $3 upgrade if you buy the Kowal Octopus Octagonal Restrictor Plate which is a must along with the Kowal 1mm oversize actuator which is $5.
  4. You should still keep even if you don't plan on using them as they're worth quite a bit nowadays depending on the condition & they're probably great to play MAME versions of the original MK games on PC.
  5. OH GOD! Stick with pad, PDP are not good at all no matter how many Suzo-Happ components (the parts in the UMK3 machines) they used in those special edition MK sticks. The button layout isn't great. The way they designed the buttons isn't optimal because there's a delay due to the their distance to register which makes things really hard especially at high level play and the stick requires more force than most sticks. It just lacks so much to In comparison to other fightsticks especially the ones made with Korean & Japanese parts. I suggest only using them for classic American fighting games like UMK3 (what the button layout was made for), Killer Instinct 1 or Killer Instinct 2 because Japanese games will cause you to fuck up so bad. If you want to try them if you can get used to the button layout, you're going to need to replace the buttons and the joystick to make it usable at high level.
  6. That's a Brook Converter that they sell on their site. eTokki outside of the PS3 to Xbox converter that they no longer make are really just makers of top of the line Korean style fightsticks, PCBs & fightstick parts.
  7. Nobody uses eTokki converters anymore unless it's for a past generation console.
  8. http://www.brookaccessory.com/detail/22846686/
  9. Not the Brook converters which are great because they are also tournament legal so it's the go-to converter for tournament use also a lot of C88s use them like Faster & KOREYTHEDRAGON. Brook also make the PCB that most tournament players use as well. The only issue with the Brook converters that THEY DON'T WORK ON ALL PADS which is really shitty. They are so good when they first came out they were like $30 each but when EVO announced that they were tournament legal they jacked the prices up to $50-$60 each. They basically replaced the eToKKi converters that everybody used during the 360/PS3 era that allowed DualShock 2 pads to be playable on 360 & PS3.
  10. It really depends on what you're more comfortable using. You like using an old school Xbox Duke pad: Hyperkin makes an updated one for Xbox One You like using a DualShock 2: Get a converter You like using a Xbox 360 pad: Get a converter You like using a DualShock 3: Get a converter Using a stick, or Hitbox you don't need to keep spending money on pads, depending on the quality of stick you have all you really need to do is get a proper PCB then update the PCB regularly then replace the PCB when a new generation of consoles are out. You'll never have to get used to using a new pad every gen & get good with it. @Komatose and/or @xFriction can add anything or correct me if I'm wrong about anything.
  11. I'm getting it on Xbox One first since I bought the Premium Edition then when the PlayStation 4 complete version goes down to $25 I'm going to buy it just like I did for MKX.
  12. It's still pretty brutal and it's going to be for the new few months since coughing still hurts a lot, even bumps in the road hurt but I keep getting better and better though.
  13. Well since October I was basically dying due to having a bicuspid valve leak for my entire life which caused an enlarged heart & chronic heart failure. I was in the hospital for 7 weeks and had surgery January 3th which took 7 hours. I've been in & out of hospitals ever since. I've been waiting for the results of my echocardiogram now to see if my heart has been improving as at one point only 10% of my heart was working. I'm still healing as I feel a lot of pain still but I take 12 Tylenol a day sometimes with 2 Tramadol on top of the other 10 pills I take daily, I might be down now since I'm off the Warfarin now which is also used as rat poison. The best things about being in the hospital for 7 weeks was that most of the nurses were close to my age, hot as fuck and were close to my age, SkipTheDishes since the hospital would often starve me so I would order the best homemade spaghetti from a local Halifax pizzeria & Oreo McFlurries when I was depressed or when my medication would make me sweat, my parents would drop me off care-packages with homecooked meals & shit like my laptop and lastly the Dilaudid which made me get really high when they would give them in the day rather than the night. A few times I was so high on Dilaudid that all I did was blast Black Sabbath & NiN. I have 5 doctors appointments coming up & an MRI...
  14. Nice to see you made it! Like @EMPR_Thanos said, this place is all about freedom of speech in terms of trash talking and we let certain things slide here that moderators over at TYM would rather hide+ban when staff here would rather see chaos as long as it doesn't get out of hand. Being elitist or skill worshipping is literally the fastest way to get roasted by other members. You're going to find a lot of other C88s here as well from legendary C88s like @MaceWind & @C88_MyGod to regular players like @MiZ_FiT 88, @Dizz 88 & @KoolJulios14 also current leaders like @C88 True Grave, @C88 Nation & myself
  15. GameInformer is debuting a new trailer fully revealing the playable character Cetrion. Her moveset highlights her connection to the Earth featuring plenty of elemental abilities. https://youtu.be/KOLTSfGzQvk
  16. To kick things off, GameInformer is debuting a new trailer fully revealing the playable character Cetrion. GameInformer is debuting a new trailer fully revealing the playable character Cetrion. Her moveset highlights her connection to the Earth featuring plenty of elemental abilities. https://youtu.be/KOLTSfGzQvk View full article
  17. It's so great to be back here, it'll be nice to see how much everyone has changed & start new beginnings with one another away from the shit from 2016. Water under the bridge.
  18. Testing 1, 2,3. Can anybody hear me?

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      Roger that 

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      Roger, Roger, Remy!

  19. By: Dan Thorp-Lancaster Injustice: Gods Among Us has been added to the ever-expanding list of backwards compatible games for Xbox One. As announced by Xbox's Major Nelson, Injustice: Gods Among Us is joined by Haunted House as the latest Xbox 360 games to be added to the program. If you're unfamiliar with Injustice, it's a fighting game that utterly flips the script on the ideas of superheroes and villains. From the game's description: Injustice: Gods Among Us introduces a bold new franchise to the fighting game genre from NetherRealm Studios, creators of Mortal Kombat. Featuring DC Comics icons such as Batman, The Joker, Green Lantern, The Flash, Superman and Wonder Woman, the latest title from the award-winning studio presents a deep original story. Heroes and villains will engage in epic battles on a massive scale in a world where the line between good and evil has been blurred. Backwards compatibility also extends to the disc-only Ultimate Edition of the game, so you're in luck no matter which version you have. Unlike the PS4, the Xbox One curiously never saw a re-release of this game, so this should come as good news for many fans. If you're interested, you can currently grab Injustice: Gods Among Us from the Xbox Marketplace for $20. Source This post has been promoted to an article