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    Story is rather simple. I grew up in TN, have always loved FG's, I learned about high level competitive fighting game play and tournaments in the Tekken Tag 1 days. I didn't know TN even had an FGC (it barely has one now) and kind of slowly got here via NRS. I played a lot of MK9, didn't touch Inj1, played a lot of MKX and hated it, Injustice 2 came around and I hit the true competitor grind of 40 hours a week+ of training and traveling. I wish I would've done this sooner as I'm 30 now, but I'm determined to not let age stop me. I was an innovator on my character in inj2, and will be so in MK11 on top of being an excellent competitor. I'm hoping MKU can replace the trash heap TYM has become.
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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQmq8yugSF4
  2. Kung Lao is going to be fucked up. That character is going to be launch into string into orbital hat into hold this low/IA divekick 50/50 into 30+% lol.
  3. Hit us with them. Mine is... Kabal will look strong at the start, but prove middling after a few months.
  4. I actually write for a metal publication/metal blog, No Clean Singing. We're in the top 5 for traffic last I knew. www.nocleansinging.com. I write there under TheMadIsraeli. Been MIA due to competing but am getting ready to start reviewing again during this tournament downtime.
  5. Appreciate it. I busted my ass to attain mastery of that character.
  6. Hey man. I'm pretty big on the foundational trinity of extreme metal. Black, death and thrash metal and progressive variants thereof.
  7. I'm getting MK11 a week early.  Any you guys wanna know ASAP?

    1. Dizz 88

      Dizz 88

      Sure, what's the secret dude?

    2. KoolJulios14


      Im guessin you live in ny seems like ny always get games early lol



      I'd love to hear how. I'd be down to play early.

  8. I'm definitely elitist, but I'm all about helping people get better etc. I just want an environment where people are about the competition and digging into the games.
  9. Thanks man. I'm hoping this place overtakes TYM which has gone down the gutter. I'm tired of dealing with pool monsters and stream monsters trying to talk with guys like me who take the game seriously. Same reason for why all the pros left TYM behind. I want a place where people are passionate about the game, competing and grade A beef.
  10. Hey guys. Since I'm assuming this place has a slightly different crowd than just bitter ex-TYMer's, wanted to introduce myself. I'm an old new player, just turned 30, only started grinding NRS games last year in Injustice 2. I'm pretty passionate about the games, competing, shit talk, and being part of team #bancustomvariations. Hoping to make serious competitive strides with MK11.
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