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  1. Wanna share what I'D like the game to get. 1: All whiffing/hitbox/low profiling issues fixed/removed. 2: All S1's and D1's are 7f's, all D1's are +10 on hit. 3: All U3's are 6F and do 12% and are universally +15 on hit, -10 on block 4: All U2's are 9F and do 10% and are universally -15 on block 5: Throw damage reduced to 120 6: Throw range reduced to point blank 7: One variation added per character 8: Jumping startup is increased 9: Wakeup invincibility is removed 10: All non-combo starting KB's are normalized to do 21 to 29% damage. 11: Only one breakaway per round This game would be perfect if all this happened IMO.
  2. Alright, before we get started, here's my small legend I'm gonna use. ~ - a special cancel, so 11~bf1 (A!) - amplify, so 11~bf1(A!) (KB) - Krushing Blow (KBA!), Krushing Blow Amplified, this is for max range bf1 combos. Starters ranked from least to most damage: 11 21 3 b14 4 f32 So here we go. BF1(A!) Combos String~BF1(A!), 112/212/B141/F32~DF4/212+4 String~BF1(A!), F32~BF1(A!), 112/212/B141/F32~DF4/212+4/212(KB) String~BF1(A!), F32~DB3(A!), F3, F32~BF1/F3, 212+4 (one side switches one doesn't) Far JiK, B2~BF1(A!), 112/212/B141/F32~DF4/212+4 Far JiK, B2~BF1(A!), F32~BF1(A!), 112/212/B141/F32~DF4/212+4/212(KB) Far JiK, B2~BF1(A!), F32~DB3(A!), F32~BF1/212+4 Close JiK, FFF32~BF1(A!), 112/212/B141/F32~DF4/212+4 Close JiK, FFF32~BF1(A!), F32~BF1(A!), 112/212/B141/F32~DF4/212+4/212(KB) Close JiK, FFF32~BF1(A!), F32~DB3(A!), F32~BF1/212+4 Back To The Corner: String~BF1(A!), 4~DB3(A!), 4, 21, 212+4/4, 4, D1, 112 DB3(A!) Combos String~DB3(A!), F3, F32~BF1/F3, 212+4 String~DB3(A!), F3, F32~BF1(A!), 112/212/B141/F32~DF4/212+4/212(KB) String~DB3(A!), 4~DB3(A!), F32~BF1/212+4 Back To Corner, F32 Doesn't Work: String~DB3(A!), 4, 21, 212+4 Back To Corner, F32 Doesn't Work: String~DB3(A!), 4, 4, 11~BF1(A!), 112/212/B141/F32~DF4/212+4/212(KB) WORK IN PROGRESS
  3. Kung Lao is going to be fucked up. That character is going to be launch into string into orbital hat into hold this low/IA divekick 50/50 into 30+% lol.
  4. Hit us with them. Mine is... Kabal will look strong at the start, but prove middling after a few months.
  5. I actually write for a metal publication/metal blog, No Clean Singing. We're in the top 5 for traffic last I knew. www.nocleansinging.com. I write there under TheMadIsraeli. Been MIA due to competing but am getting ready to start reviewing again during this tournament downtime.
  6. Appreciate it. I busted my ass to attain mastery of that character.
  7. Hey man. I'm pretty big on the foundational trinity of extreme metal. Black, death and thrash metal and progressive variants thereof.
  8. I'm getting MK11 a week early.  Any you guys wanna know ASAP?

    1. Dizz 88

      Dizz 88

      Sure, what's the secret dude?

    2. KoolJulios14


      Im guessin you live in ny seems like ny always get games early lol



      I'd love to hear how. I'd be down to play early.

  9. I'm definitely elitist, but I'm all about helping people get better etc. I just want an environment where people are about the competition and digging into the games.
  10. Thanks man. I'm hoping this place overtakes TYM which has gone down the gutter. I'm tired of dealing with pool monsters and stream monsters trying to talk with guys like me who take the game seriously. Same reason for why all the pros left TYM behind. I want a place where people are passionate about the game, competing and grade A beef.
  11. Hey guys. Since I'm assuming this place has a slightly different crowd than just bitter ex-TYMer's, wanted to introduce myself. I'm an old new player, just turned 30, only started grinding NRS games last year in Injustice 2. I'm pretty passionate about the games, competing, shit talk, and being part of team #bancustomvariations. Hoping to make serious competitive strides with MK11.