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  1. This is a custom variation. A variation I think should be made for tournament play! Lol #buff Kollector!
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  4. So I wanted to take a minute to discuss Kollector. What does kollector need? He is obviously lacking. He wouldn't be so bad if hit string could be canceled into bola. Only a couple strings work. 1,3 F4 And f1,2 but even that sometimes whiffs depending on distance. In my opinion kollector is on the bottom of the list right now. Which might explain why we did not see him picked at combo breaker. Here's my ideas for low tier characters. What if they made other tournament variations for characters to be used in competition. Some characters have more tournament variations than others anyway. Kollector with (war quoit toss) (vial of sorrow) and (fade out) makes him a pretty decent character. Gives him more zoning/anti zoning options. Gives him more cancel options. Confirms combos and also gives him a practical KB. Which he needs. I'll be posting a couple videos showing how exactly I use kollector. I rarely play ranked with kollector. But I would definitely play him competitively if he was a better character.